Handle With Care: How To Move With Plants

October 12, 2023

Plants are a great way to bring life and vitality into your home. Not only do they brighten up living spaces, but they can also improve your air quality, making for a healthier household. When it comes to moving with flora, however, the process can be complicated.

Depending on the state in which you reside, there can be certain laws and restrictions in place regarding native plants. This is why it’s crucial to do your research before relocating your personal jungle to the new destination. What’s more, your greenery should be packed carefully to prevent damage during transit. Read on to learn how to pack plants for moving.

Packing Plants for Moving

Houseplants are sensitive to change. Moving to a new home with new temperatures, light, and humidity can stress them out. Fortunately, though, they can adjust to their new environment. As a plant mom or dad, you can ensure your botanical family is alive and thriving (unless you have a black thumb) with some patience and planning.

Check out these helpful tips:

  • Understand the laws: Many states let you relocate your plant babies if they’re in potting soil. However, some states have implemented strict guidelines regarding moving with plants. In some cases, plant materials may need to be inspected due to bans on certain species, such as ones that are invasive. This is essential for maintaining the health of the environment in specific areas. You can inform the State Plant Regulatory Official in your state to learn more about any specific restrictions. You can schedule an appointment if they need to be inspected.
  • Relocate plants yourself: Moving companies usually do not move flora. This is because household plants could get damaged during the process. Moreover, they may be liable for transporting invasive species. For these reasons, it’s a good idea to transport your vegetation to the new destination yourself.
  • Pack vegetation carefully: Wondering how to move with plants? Prepare your lush greenery several weeks before the big move to help them stay hydrated, happy, and safe. Gather supplies such as plastic pots, sterilized potting soil, paper towels, etc. First, prune any dead leaves from your plants and check for pests. On moving day, take them out of their decorative pots and transport them into plastic nursery pots with fresh potting soil. This makes the plants easy to carry and minimize damage. You can also place large plants in separate boxes and use scrunched up newspaper to secure them. Additionally, wrapping greenery in horticultural fleece can provide warmth and padding.
  • Avoid watering on moving day: Don’t water your flora friends right before moving because they will be wet and heavy. There’s also a good chance that they can leak.

Once you’ve transported all the plants to your new home, be sure to unpack them as soon as possible. Ensure they have breathing room as well as proper light after the long journey. If you need help with an upcoming move, Moving Proz has you covered. We offer residential and commercial moving services in Kansas City, Denver, and the surrounding areas.

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