Professional Storage In Denver

Moving isn’t the only reason you might need storage in Denver.

Your business might need to rotate stock on a seasonal basis. Perhaps you swap out the good furniture on those weekends you turn the place over to Airbnbers. Maybe your daughter’s band needs the basement for rehearsal space, but you want to hold on to your Beanie Babies collection in case the market bounces back.

It really doesn’t matter why you need a storage service. In the Denver area, Moving Proz has all the space you need for as long as you need it. Remember, even if you’re not moving, we’re movers at heart — meaning, we’re not selling you self-storage. Whatever you’re storing, we’ll pick it up, put it away, and bring it back whenever you need it.

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When it comes to professional storage in Denver, you want the solution you need, not a solution from a menu of options. Moving Proz isn’t trying to slot you into a choice that makes things easy on us. We’re a storage service, emphasis on “service,” and our aim is to tailor a plan to meet the needs you communicate to us.

Yes, you’re paying for space. At Moving Proz, that space comes with expertise, creative problem solving, and the understanding even the most carefully constructed plans sometimes have to be adjusted.

However, in the broad strokes, our storage services work like this:

  • Proz put it in the vault: It’s simple — you rent a vault. We fill it with your stuff, and we’re not telling anyone what’s in there. It’s in the vault.
  • Proz pick up: Like we said, we’re not selling self-storage. Our storage service includes picking up your items, placing them in storage, and returning what you need when you need it.
  • Proz can go big: Doesn’t fit in the vault? We’ve got warehouses. Plural. Like, Citizen Kane-level stuff.
  • Proz aren’t picky: Not moving? Not a problem. One of our clients had us pick up the contents of their home prior to a remodel and bring it back when the drywall dust settled.
  • Proz have it under control: Here’s a dirty little secret of some of those self-storage places: Not all of their spaces are climate controlled. Ours are. Unless you’re storing patio furniture, you’re going to want a space that protects your things against, for example, the not-uncommon 30-degree swing in high and low temperatures on any given day in and around Denver.


Moving Proz is a veteran of the Denver moving scene. We trust if you’ve heard anything about us, they’re good things.

You should expect a moving and storage company to provide you with documentation of all necessary license and insurance. Which we will. You should hope for a company that has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Which we do. You should demand a fair pricing policy that is long on transparency and short on surprises. Which we’ll provide.

We’re sure you have questions. A good moving company will have some for you, too. Contact Moving Proz to get the conversation started, or to jump right to our free quote.

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