Affordable Movers In Kansas City

If you’re looking for cheap movers in Kansas City, just remember there are two kinds of cheap:

  1. Patrick Mahomes’ rookie contract
  2. The Royals’ annual free agent shopping list

In other words, there is “cheap” as in “obtainable at a low price”, or “cheap” as in “of inferior quality”. Moving Proz can get you into, out of or across the Kansas City area, whether you’re relocating a business or a residence, at a price you can live with.

Our transparent pricing means you’ll have a handle on cost before you sign up, and our dedication to customer satisfaction will handle all you expect (and probably more) by the time we drop off.

Moving Proz should be your first call when looking for affordable movers in Kansas City. Whenever you call us, we’re pretty sure you won’t need to look further.

Professional Services For Any Budget

Moving Proz knows you don’t move every day. We, on the other hand, do. We’ll give you the benefit of our experience by suggesting ways to keep your costs in line. Why rent a truck for a couple of days and blow your whole weekend calling in favors from friends when Moving Proz could pull off your apartment move in half a day?

Why guess at how many boxes you’ll need and how much packing tape (and head back to the store two or three times when you’re wrong) when Moving Proz can supply precisely what you require without waste?

We’re family owned. Our employees are your neighbors. We’re not going to gouge you so you can trash-talk us to your other neighbors. We want you to recommend us to them.

And we handle all kinds of moves, including:

  • Residential (homes and apartments)
  • Senior downsizing (storage if needed, extra sensitivity always for these frequently emotional moves)
  • Business and commercial (everything from hospitals to industrial warehouses to retail spaces)
  • Local and long distance
  • Pianos (and organs, no matter how large)

When we give you a quote, it includes all the necessary gear (hand trucks, padding, etc.) and labor. We absolutely will not sneak extra charges into bogus “estimates” — seriously, we’ve seen other companies charge for stairs (stairs!) or add fuel surcharges as if that’s an incalculable surprise element to, you know, driving a moving truck. Our consultation is free. Our quote is free. We’ll provide transparent quotes covering any services you opt for. Among the possibilities:

  • Storage
  • Disassembly/reassembly/installation
  • Packing materials
  • Packing/unpacking

Whatever you do, fully consider that last option. For most people, packing = procrastinating = a rushed, poorly executed endeavor. Our packing pros will absolutely save you time and stress (and we will likely avoid breakage better than you would), all while making more efficient use of packing materials and truck space. Paying for packing isn’t necessarily the budget breaker you might assume.

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Spend Less, Don’t Settle For It

Shop around. Ask questions. Call us, then call the other guys back to ask them why they didn’t ask you the questions that we did.

Just make sure you call us, either for a free quote or to pick our brains. You may find it makes your conversations with our competitors a lot shorter.

You Ready to Move?

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