Space is infinite. It goes on forever, far beyond the furthest reaches of our perception. There is practically no limit to the amount of space available in all the universe. At least, that’s what Neil deGrasse-Tyson says. But what about those times when you have too much stuff and not enough space for it all? What about then, nerd?

Sorry, we get a little edgy talking about that guy. (Pluto is still a planet, damn it!) But it’s the truth — sometimes you just don’t have enough room for everything you own. Sure, you could put it all on the lawn and set it on fire, but why not call Moving Proz for moving and storage services instead? We’re the best choice among moving and storage companies serving Denver and Kansas City.


Moving to a new place doesn’t always go as smoothly as you might want. Your new place may not be ready for all your things right away. You might not know where to put that 19th century carousel you had in your old basement. (How did you get that down there, anyway?) No matter the situation, you can rest assured we can provide the storage space you need to make the logistics of your move a lot easier.

Not only is our team expert at carefully packing even the most delicate items you own, but you can trust us to hold onto them until you’re ready. This means that any belongings that are too fragile, large or just plain don’t fit in your new place will be kept safe and secure while you figure out what to do with them.

For example, we’ll take that weird painting your aunt gave you — you know, the one where the eyes follow you around the room? Whatever it is, we can keep it protected for the duration, even if it’s haunted. (We have a special room for that stuff, don’t worry.)

Having a little extra storage can take the pressure off you and give you some breathing room while you plan your next move. Working with us means you don’t have to freak out if the closets in your new house are a little smaller than you expected, or if whittling down your antique beer can collection turns out to be much harder than it looked. (So many memories…)


Sure, you could just leave all your stuff in a big box labeled “Don’t Touch” and hope for the best, but why take that chance? Our facilities are clean, secure and spacious enough to store just about anything. As the local experts when it comes to moving and storage, we also know the ins and outs of packing and storing just about anything. You’ll get your stuff back in the same condition as you left it. (In the case of wine, it might even be better!)

To learn more about everything we have to offer and how we can help, get in touch with us today.

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