Packing Services

Packing Services Servicing Kansas City & Denver

Packing Services Servicing Kansas City & Denver

Certain things you’re always going to pay for: dentistry.

Some things you always used to pay for, but these days you occasionally like to make them yourself: pizza. (Just keep the dough out of the ceiling fan.)

Then there are the things that younger you could never imagine doing but now, if you give it even a little thought, it makes perfect sense: Hire packers and movers.

Note we didn’t say “hire movers” and “hire packers.” Hire a mover that also packs.

In Denver and Kansas City, that means hiring Moving Proz. We’ll break neither your stuff nor your budget.

We’ll also free you to concentrate on other things. For you, packing might take weeks, with all the stressful sorting and clutter that implies. With us, it’s basically a “magic elves” deal as far as you’re concerned. Poof, everything’s boxed up, trucked up and you arrive at your new location glowed up.

Kansas City & Denver Moving & Packing Company

Please feel free to read this with your best Tony Soprano impression playing in your head: “Trust us, we got a nice package for you.”

(We’re giggling. Occasionally, our mental age is 12 or 14, tops.)

Fact is, we offer packing services in two packages, basic and deluxe. Here are the deets on each:


If you get weirded out by the thought of strangers going through your underwear drawer, this is what you want. We handle the big stuff: TVs, beds, mirrors, tables, cabinets, entertainment centers — basically anything heavy and breakable. We’ll protect it and put it where it needs to go.


This covers the personal effects, too, but don’t worry. All our employees have seen underwear before, and some of us even wear it. (On moving day, don’t try to guess which. That’s rude.)

Included are the necessary packing supplies for everything you want us to handle, from your framed vintage Farrah Fawcett poster to your Star Wars figurines to your grandmother’s China that you moved to the attic so you could display your Star Wars figurines in her China cabinet.

Packing Tips

Honestly, we’re not underwear obsessed. Still, not everyone wants us setting up shop in their business district, so to speak. If you prefer not to hire a packing service for moving house, here are some tips:

  • Plan! Write down what you want to go where. Pack accordingly, labelling boxes by the rooms in your new place. Stage boxes so the most important items go on the truck last (and come off first).
  • Use t-shirts! T-shirts and towels, along with newspaper and paper towels, are great for protecting easily damaged items. While we price our packing supplies reasonably, they ain’t free.
  • Know Your Boxes! All boxes are not created equal. Look for stemware and dishware dividers, put heavy items in smaller boxes and lighter items in larger boxes and consider adding a weight warning on boxes that require potentially herniating hefts.
  • Wrap! Breakable items (dishware, glasses, etc.) should be individually wrapped. Lampshades should be stuffed with paper and then wrapped. Fill extra air space at the top of boxes with more crumpled paper for stabilization.
  • Tape! If we’re moving your boxes, they have to be shut and sealed. Wouldn’t want everyone to see your underwear. (Unless you’re into that sort of thing. In which case, officially speaking, we can’t condone that sort of behavior. But, unofficially, we’re not not into it.)

Professional Packers in Kansas City & Denver

We think we’re the best home movers and packers out there for your Kansas City and Denver moves. We know all the tricks to keep your items safe, and if you hire movers that pack you’re knocking multiple items off your moving to-do list with one call.

We don’t even care if you’re moving. If you’re packing stuff for storage, cool. If your business is “archiving” material, let us do it so you’re not taking staff away from the work that actually makes you money.

Whether your move is local or long-distance, commercial or residential, we have the skills, equipment, professionalism and general decency to treat you and your items with the proper respect at prices that won’t make you feel like you’re on a post-pandemic trip to the egg aisle.

Curious? Contact us to find out more about our services. Or just get down to business by mashing the links to get a free estimate for your moves and packing in Kansas City or Denver.

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