Senior Moving Services

At Moving Proz, we make a big deal out of being family owned and operated. As if the guy who decided to use a chatbot as his customer service agent was hatched or is somehow the byproduct of a Skynet algorithm.

The point is, we like to think we demonstrate actual care for our employees, who in turn demonstrate the same to our customers. Think about that when you’re looking for senior citizen movers.

Maybe there are times when a Terminator T-1000 is the perfect moving option — say, when you’re trying to move humans into subservience to their robot overlords. But when it’s time to move Nana out of the house you went to for all those Sunday dinners?

Of course, there are the physical limitations of our older clients to consider — our packing, disassembly and reassembly services address those. But senior moving services also have to consider feelings as an especially important part of the equation.

For people who lift heavy stuff for a living, we’re pretty proud of our emotionally intuitive side. And when we’re providing senior moving assistance, we’re all up in our feelings.

Packing Services

Quality elderly moving services require patience and organization, especially when it comes to packing. Downsizing means some items might be going to storage or another location. Moving to an assisted living facility might mean a lot of limits on allowable items. No one wants to re-litigate that list when an equally banned and cherished item accidentally shows up at the new residence.


Denver & Kansas City Senior Moving Company

One thing Moving Proz doesn’t haul is emotional baggage. You do. Seniors may not be able to push dollies, but your buttons are no problem. Without us, you and your cherished elder might be going all “Real Housewives” in some poor property manager’s office.

Here are some of the moving services we provide, without throwing drinks, sobbing uncontrollably or flipping tables:

  • Local moves (This comes complete with all the Kansas City and Denver bottleneck avoidance you need.)
  • Long-distance moves (You DO NOT want to do a road trip where every rattle in your rental might be an heirloom breaking.)
  • Apartments (Does pivoting a sofa in a stairwell sound like fun? Didn’t think so.)
  • Households (We give jobs large and small the same attention to detail.)

Our prices don’t suck. Trust us, we’re not going to blindside you with bogus upcharges. All this is included in any residential move:

  • Blanket wrapping and padding for all standard furniture
  • Staged disassembly, unpacking and reassembly of your furniture
  • Shrink-wrapping where additional securing is required

Packing Services in Kansas City & Denver

Most of us — aside from a teenager in the house to troubleshoot the tech (please, God, with a minimum of eye-rolling) — find minor lifestyle changes to be irritation-inducing pains in the anatomy. To a change-averse senior faced with declining physical and mental skills, everything that goes into a move can evoke something closer to panic.

Our elders have earned a cushier gig. Moving Proz can provide that. Contact us with any questions or smash the links for free quotes on your Kansas City or Denver move.

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