Residential Moving Services

The new neighborhood must have made a great first impression on you, otherwise it wouldn’t be the new neighborhood. What about the first impression you make on the new neighbors?

You can roll up in a rented truck, a parade of buddies and their pickups trailing, while the locals arch eyebrows at the chaos that is the staging in your front yard.

Or you can hire us. Moving Proz is an experienced, family-owned residential moving company providing highly rated services to Kansas City-area customers for years. Whether you’re coming in from out of town or moving across town, we can move you seamlessly into your new home while you chat with the nice couple next door.

Residential Moving Company Servicing Kansas City

Muhammad Ali once said, “It’s not bragging if you can back it up.”

He wasn’t talking about our residential movers, but he could have been. Wait until you see them get that big truck in your little driveway.

Our residential moving service can break it down, move it out, move it in, and set it up — whatever “it” is. Among our offerings are:

  • Packing (including all pads and blankets)
  • Gear (dollies, carts, and trucks)
  • Specialized tools for disassembly/reassembly of your furniture
  • Move staging, route planning, and storage
  • All the manpower you need

Whether you’re looking for local residential movers or long-distance residential movers, you’ll find what you need with our experienced, dedicated Moving Proz staff. We pride ourselves on execution without attitude. Just because we’ve been there and done that doesn’t mean we have to be all, “been there, done that.”


Look, if you hate doing something, you’re probably not going to do it well. Or worse, you’ll put it off, which means you’ll end up rushing and doing it even less well.

For many of our customers, the most revelatory of our residential relocation services is the packing we can provide. Instead of worrying about it for months, wondering if you’re doing it right, making a million trips to the local big box store for more big boxes (pro tip: big boxes are useless if you can’t lift them once they’re packed), and living amid the disarray, let us handle it.

We’ll disassemble, pack, unpack, and reassemble everything from beds to basement workshops. We’ll use packing materials (boxes and the like) more efficiently than you would, ensuring less waste and breakage. We’ll plan more effectively, so whatever you need to come off the truck first won’t be buried behind boxes of winter clothes.

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