About Us

Moving Proz, Overland Park, KSWelcome! My name is Derek Shaw, and I’m the founder of Moving Proz, LLC; a local Kansas City moving company based in Overland Park, KS. I started this company with the idea that hands on services like moving are the heart of the american economy. Moving is unique in the sense that it is deeply rooted in trust. Wanting to make a real tangible difference in peoples lives everyday, I decided to start my own moving company.

I am frequently asked why I would choose to start a business in one of the most stressful industries out there. I say where there is stress there is opportunity to lend a helping hand. At Moving Proz we thrive on this kind of challenge. Our goal is to not only earn your business, but to earn your trust, and keep it.

We hope to show you our desire to serve our customers with our bare hands. There is nothing quite like using your hands to help someone. This is something that has built the foundation of every infrastructure in America and we love it. We derive a great deal of satisfaction by giving our customers professional, hassle free and affordable moving services.

Our ultimate goal is to work hand in hand with local Kansas City charities and give back. This is what it’s all about. With our customers help and support we will be able to make a real impact on the the people in the most need within our very own community. So from our team at Moving Proz, “many thanks for helping do your part as well.”

Moving Proz Statement

Never take trust for granted. Be lifelong learners; seek education and share it with others. Explore and and discover new innovative ways to provide for your clients. Provide a professional, convenient, inspired service. Respect the environment and the places in which we conduct our business. Make people feel better for having known us.

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