Piano Movers In Denver

There are 88 keys to moving a piano.

No, wait. There are 88 keys on a piano. Not so many keys to moving one. Somebody else might tell you different, but Moving Proz can make it a simple process for you. Just remember “simple” and “easy” are two different things.

Moving your Baldwin is hard.

(If you’re giggling right now, you’re old enough to remember Alicia Silverstone in Aerosmith videos. If you’re unfamiliar with any of the above — Silverstone, Aerosmith, videos — call your mom. Heck, call her anyway. You know you don’t do it as often as you should.)

The point is, we’ve got this. As an experienced piano moving company, we know all the tricks and have all the gear to navigate Denver’s tricky terrain as well as apartment stairs, basement clearances, hairpin turns and any other tight spot you want to put us, or your Steinway, in. And we have all the boring licenses and insurance, too.

We Are Local Piano Movers and Long-Distance Piano Movers

No matter the distance, there’s moving pianos (what we do) and moving piano (we can’t promise you Gaga/Cooper Oscars smolder, but we can make uncomfortably long eye contact if you’d like).

We do promise to staff your move appropriately — whether that’s two or three or more movers for the piano. Here are some other things we bring to party:

  • Proper disassembly, transport and reassembly
  • All the necessary equipment, such as boards, skids, dollies, tools, straps and pads to easily move hundreds of pounds across your floor
  • Healthy respect for your piano’s sentimental and monetary value.


By the way, we don’t discriminate. If you want to move your harpsichord to the Highlands or your Wurlitzer to Washington Heights, we’ll give your keyboards the same loving care we show pianos in Five Points.

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Searching “Denver, Movers, Piano”?

Some other companies might come up. If you’re a sloppy typist, you might get a piano movement — say, a minuet. A word of warning: In our experience, some are uncomfortable discussing their minuet pianist.

Just remember, whoever you contract to move your piano in or out of Denver should be able to include:=

  • Climate-controlled trucks and trailers to ward off potential damage from extreme heat, cold or other weather conditions
  • Piano dollies, e-track moving boards (or skids) and an all-terrain vehicle to aid in short moves from the truck to your residence
  • Multiple-man teams assigned specifically to your piano move, whether it’s travelling up a flight of stairs or across state lines
  • Only movers who are employees of the company — Moving Proz doesn’t sub our jobs out to outside contractors
  • Competitive price packages that won’t have you putting a tip jar on top of your piano once it’s settled in its new home

Contact Moving Proz for Your Grand Designs

Or baby grand, or upright. We’re open for your calls and can schedule moves seven days a week. Learn more about our services by calling 913-251-9034 or simply fill out our online form to get an estimate.

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