Last-Minute Movers In Denver

It doesn’t matter why you’re not ready to move.

Maybe you were surprised with some comped Nuggets tickets for the day you’d previously set aside for packing your Broncos bobbleheads. Maybe your business suddenly lost its lease so your landlord can let the microbrewery next door start a boutique gin distillery.

Whatever. If you need last-minute movers in Denver, you need Moving Proz.

We’re full-service movers and have been handling home, apartment, business, and senior moves — local or long distance — in the Denver area for years. We’ve got the staff, specialized gear, and experience to jump on your move quickly, making it fit your timeframe and your budget.

Don’t freak out. Reach out to Moving Proz.


We’ve seen it all and moved most of it. Last-minute moves really give us a chance to shine. Long-distance or local, whether you’re moving a residence or a business, last-minute moves frequently create a need for services many customers wouldn’t contemplate under more relaxed circumstances. For example, storage and packing.

Storage: Moving Proz offers storage solutions for home and business moves alike. If your current location is no longer an option and you haven’t nailed down the next spot, we can hold your property while you find its next home.

Packing: Under the best circumstances, if you’re not a practiced packer it can be a stress-inducing time-suck that steals mental energy. Moving Proz is simply better at it than you, making more efficient use of time, packing materials, and space while better protecting all your things. After deciding to let us do the work, you don’t have to think about it again.

Beyond those key components to a last-minute move, here are some of the other benefits of contracting with Moving Proz in Denver:

  • Free consultation and written estimates
  • Dollies, hand-trucks, straps, and padding as needed
  • All the insurance and licensing needed
  • Furniture disassembly and reassembly
  • Transparent pricing (no stair charges; time charged in 15-minute increments rather than hourly)

Other considerations include staging both trucks (the first thing you need is the first thing unloaded) and complete moves (crucial items arrive first while other things can be delayed and delivered in sequence).

We’d also like to say a bit about often-emotional senior moves. Downsizing at this stage of life can feel like a loss of self-determination. We can carry the burden of the move while allowing our senior clients to maintain a sense of control over the process.

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You need to move fast? OK. While other movers might try to take advantage of your haste, we aim to minimize your stress rather than maximize our profits.

Contact Moving Proz today for a free quote or to start the conversation. You’ll have questions. Any decent mover will have questions for you as well.

Together, we’ll arrive at a plan that will have you arriving at your new place on time and with all the pieces in place.