Warehouse Services In Kansas City

Business growth is a good thing. It can also present some challenges as you outgrow your current facility. Moving Proz provides storage solutions for businesses, whether you’re experiencing rapid growth, your inventory is overflowing, or you need more space for rarely used items. Businesses throughout Kansas City and surrounding areas enjoy the benefits of our secure warehouse facilities and comprehensive moving services.

Professional Warehouse Services

Our Kansas City warehousing services extend far beyond those of your average storage facility. We’ll securely store nearly any type of business item, including raw materials, retail store fixtures, office furniture, spare machinery, and more. Maybe you need a place to store your trade show booth, or you have a collection of holiday decorations worthy of making Clark Griswold envious. Whatever extra or rarely used items your business possesses, we’ll safely store them until you need them again.

Like us, you have a successful business to run. Unlike us, you don’t want to be bored by the topic of storage. You also don’t have time to worry about moving your items, keeping an inventory, and checking on their safety.

Our Moving Proz warehouse service makes storage easy with a long list of services designed to take the stress off your shoulders. We even partner with third-party businesses that will ship your items or inventory for distribution.

  • Project management: Overseeing all aspects of your storage needs, whether you want our pickup, delivery, distribution, packing, or other services
  • Pickup and delivery: Picking up your items and taking them to our warehouse and delivering them to you when you no longer need storage
  • Distribution: Using a trusted third-party company to ship packaged orders to other businesses or straight to consumers
  • Packing/custom crating: Safely packing your items for shipping or moving to a new location
  • Inspection of items received: Inspecting the items you store in our warehouse to ensure they leave in the same condition as they entered
  • Asset tagging/detailed inventory log: Keeping an active inventory of items that enter and exit our warehouse storage facility
  • In-house or onsite assembly: Assembling your furniture, office equipment, and other items in our warehouse or at their destinations
  • 24-hour security: Around-the-clock security to ensure your stored items are always safe and sound
  • Climate-controlled storage: A temperature-controlled warehouse, so your inventory or other items aren’t damaged by extreme temperatures or humidity
  • Long- or short-term storage: Reliable storage for as long as you desire, whether you need our services for a few days or a lifetime
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Let the Proz Handle Your Warehouse Storage

Let’s face it. As long as it’s climate-controlled, secure, and affordable, you probably don’t care much about the warehouse that holds your business’s spare items. That is until you choose the wrong storage facility. Hidden fees, strange rules, and filthy floors can turn simple storage into a major hassle.

At Moving Proz, we take all the stress out of storage. Our Kansas City warehousing services keep you from having to be a Karen because our spotless facility, transparent pricing, and impeccable customer service will never let you down. We’re an SBA-certified member of the America Moving & Storage Association. And you’ll probably hear us boast about our A+ BBB rating.

Contact our Proz today for storage solutions that will lower your stress levels.

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