Business Moving Services In Denver

Your business is growing faster than the Harry Styles Gender-Neutral Fashion Collection.

You’re multi-purposing your space like Harry Styles in the dining room.

Your current situation is threatening to turn into a real spit-show (we’re looking at you, Harry Styles).

But don’t worry, darling. You’ve got a new location locked down. Now all you need is a small business moving company to get you there.

Let Moving Proz be your Olivia Wilde. Because, you know, Harry Styles. Not that we’re obsessed.

Our female-directed company prides itself on innovative approaches to its business moving services. Look, we know Denver isn’t all pot shops and microbreweries (even though we can recommend a few). Every move and every business is unique, and our diverse staff will take the stress out of your move by applying what we’ve learned in moving businesses of all sizes and missions.

You Have Needs

Whether you’re moving your restaurant into a space in LoDo, expanding your gallery in RiNo or catering to the RINOs in Douglas County, you’ll find plenty of moving companies for businesses to choose from.

Here are the things you should be looking for in a reputable business mover:

  • An A+ Better Business Bureau rating (we’ve got one)
  • Free consultation and a written estimate (check and check)
  • Full-service packing (check)
  • Custom crating (you’ve figured this out, right?)
  • Disassembly, reassembly and installation (triple check)
  • Pre-move plans to help you with logistics, organization and more — along with the supplies you’ll need, and even labor to help stage cargo before moving day (don’t make me say it)

And here’s why you should be looking for a commercial movers company instead of doing it yourself:

  • Packing will be faster, use fewer boxes and trucks, and result in less breakage.
  • We’ll have specialized gear for commercial moves and the skill to use it.
  • There will be fewer interruptions in your workflow.
  • You’ll return to full operating capacity faster.
  • You’ll have none of the stress of planning or tracking down the materials and equipment needed.


We’ve Been Around

Moving Proz is neither jaded nor naïve. We’re the Ryan Reynolds of moving companies (did you think we were going to say Harry Styles?) — experienced, positive, adventurous and in love with what we do.

We can handle whatever you’ve got. Among the businesses we’ve relocated:

  • Hotels
  • Retail stores
  • Hospitals
  • Educational institutions
  • Corporate offices
  • Warehouses
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Call Us — You Know You Want To

Successful business owners can take on a lot — but they also know not to take on too much. We’re the small business movers who can namaste the snot out of your relocation, if you let us.

Our aim isn’t to maximize our profits, but to minimize your stress. For example, we won’t charge you extra (as some competitors do) for stairs, weekends, assembly/disassembly or unused time (we calculate in 15-minute increments, so if we’re done at 1:15, you’re not paying until 2).

It’s a rat race out there. You can get run over or let us make sure you hit the ground running.


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