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Moving can be a reset button on your life. We’re not talking some “of-the-moment” trend such as switching to functional mushroom supplements or practicing a “sober curious” lifestyle. Nope. We’re talking a fresh start, clean slate, new leaf, reboot-the-franchise type of situation.

Don’t try to do it alone or, worse, hire Joss Whedon. Hire Moving Proz, a Kansas City moving company that can seamlessly transition you to Your Life II: the Movening.


Kansas City Service Area

The vanilla version is this: Moving Proz offers residential and commercial pro moving services serving Kansas City, Overland Park and Lawrence, KS. And you know what? Sometimes vanilla is the way to go. You don’t have to get nervous worrying about your performance, you don’t need to invite any friends or come up with super-specific props; you just let us get it done in an efficient and pleasant manner with a minimum amount of stress on your part.

Besides, it’s not like we don’t have a little range. We provide speedy, affordable and professional moving services across the Kansas City metro area for moves of all size. Our quality service movers cover territory including but not limited to:


Services We Offer

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Why Choose Moving Proz?

We are a professional moving company in Lawrence, Overland Park and Kansas City. You’ve already picked a great city to move to. The Kansas City bullet points cover the basics:

  • Jazz
  • The City of Fountains
  • Barbecue

But Kansas City is so much cooler than most flyover fabulists could ever imagine. The vibrant visual and performing arts scene is best savored over years. KC’s Swope Park is twice the size of New York’s Central Park. We have more boulevards than anyplace this side of Paris (literally, that’s why KC is known as “the Paris of the Plains”). Walt Disney got his start here, as did Ernest Hemingway, Russell Stover (the chocolate guy), multiplexes and the Happy Meal — and also the Hallmark Card lady, so you can thank Kansas City for an endless string of holiday movies that pump out more happy endings than an airport-adjacent day spa.

And don’t get us started on our massive shuttlecocks.

Anyway, you need full-service movers and packers to guide you safely from old spaces to new. Not bragging, but we’ll assign you a move coordinator when you sign on with Moving Proz, so you’ll always have a point person to address your questions and concerns. We will give you the benefit of our years of experience while remembering that you’re the boss. We’ll give you realistic timelines, fair prices with no hidden fees, and we’ll adapt our plans as your unique situation evolves. That’s our jam.

Let us count the ways in which you will think we’re awesome:

  • Family Owned and Operated (but no nepo babies — we earn our spots!)
  • No Hidden Fees (this isn’t a cell phone contract)
  • No Fuel or Mileage Surcharges (this isn’t a car rental)
  • Real People on the Phone (you want A.I., go grade some term papers)
  • No Walking Distance Fees (but we’re still going to want to park close)
  • Read Our Lips: No Taxes on Services
  • We Can Show You Our Papers (insurance, we mean)
  • Stairs Don’t Cost Extra (neither do stares — and sometimes we’re amazing to watch)
  • Only Pay for the Time You Need
  • The Non-Gougiest Packing Supply Prices You’ll Find
  • Disassembly and Assembly Included, with Our No-Leftover-Parts Promise