Home Staging Tips: How To Stage A House For Sale

December 20, 2023

If you want to successfully sell your house, you have to be ready to give it a bit of a glow-up. You want prospective buyers to see themselves living there, so you need to play up its strengths while making it as inviting as possible. This is why staging is such an important element of the process.

Giving your house a pre-sale makeover can be just as helpful in drawing interest and offers as its location and square footage. Knowing how to stage a house for sale will help you close the deal faster and possibly increase the sale price. Read on for some home staging tips you can use to put your property’s best foot forward.


Prepare for Pictures: How to Stage a Home

  1. Clean up — It should go without saying, but giving your house a deep clean is essential. It’s the difference between a buyer thinking, “Wow, look at all this cabinet space!” vs. “Wow, look at all the gunk on the baseboards!”
  2. Remove the clutter — We all know it’s nearly impossible to keep a home in Martha Stewart Living condition for more than a few days at a time, but you need to make the effort if you want to sell. Box anything that’s making your space seem cluttered — seasonal clothes, excess throw pillows, ceramic Star Trek figurines, etc.
  3. Eliminate your personal touches — It sounds cruel, but taking down all your family photos, your kids’ toys and other things that are distinctly yours will help you sell. You want your prospective buyers to feel like they have a blank slate onto which they can build their own home instead of overwriting someone else’s.
  4. Choose furniture carefully — When arranging furniture in each room, pay close attention to how much space it takes and what purpose it serves. You want to make sure each room has a clearly defined function (bedroom, living room, office, etc.) and prevent them from feeling overcrowded.
  5. Add more lighting — A well-lit space will appear larger and more inviting, so make sure you have enough lighting throughout your house before trying to sell it. Some strategic placement also helps draw attention to selling points such as built-in bookcases.


Furniture and Props for Staging Your House

Here are some examples of items that can make a big difference when staging a house:

  • Generic-but-pleasant artwork
  • Floral arrangements
  • Arm chairs with side tables
  • Deluxe bedroom linens
  • Bright curtains
  • Seating arranged in cozy groupings
  • Light, neutral colors
  • Mirrors


Stage Your Home Properly and Watch It Sell

You’ve spent years curating every detail of your house to make it uniquely yours. Yet now that it’s time to move, you need to undo all of that. If you’re serious about selling your real estate, you need to transform it into the kind of space that inspires others to see what they could do with it.

Good staging makes your property more appealing to as many people as possible so you can close the deal as soon as you can. While you’re getting ready to move on to your next place, don’t forget that Moving Proz is here to provide all the moving and storage services you need to have the most stress-free experience.

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