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Moving Proz (that’s us) is a professional moving company (duh) serving clients (that’s you) in Grandview and across the greater Kansas City area (aka, “Reid’s World”).


Our Service Area

Not since Boss Tom Pendergast has anyone had a better handle on the Kansas City metro area than us. The communities we serve include, but are not limited to:

Services We Offer

Top rated Grandview, MO moving company

Here’s the part where we tell you how great we are, which we are. But we aren’t perfect. We will occasionally make an indelicate St. Louis joke. We rarely have the patience to wait for a good rom-com to reach streaming services. Anyway, the people who dig us generally dig us for reasons like this:

  • We’re family owned and operated
  • Transparent pricing (seriously, some companies sneak in charges for stairs — can you believe it?)
  • We have our papers (insurance, licenses, all nice and legal-like)
  • Packing supplies (and we’re not trying to make our margins on bubble wrap)
  • Disassembly and assembly included (with no extra screws left over)
  • Real people to talk to when you call (and you will)


Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. That means we will give you the benefit of our experience, but always remember you’re the boss. We’ll make every effort to keep your belongings and the properties we’re moving you into and out of in the shape we find them — and if we screw up, we’ll take care of it.

Short version? We’re not jerks.

Whether you’re looking for home or office movers in Grandview, we’ll get the job done, and we’re pretty sure you’ll recommend us to your friends and colleagues.

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Exploring Grandview, MO

Grandview’s historic fame is as the childhood home of former U.S. President Harry S. Truman. It might be more notable now as being the most diverse place to live in Missouri, according to

The population has hovered around 25,000 for several decades, and the cost of living is relatively low compared to many suburban KC municipalities.

If all of that suggests “dull” to you, you might want to reconsider. Here’s some of the fun stuff Grandview locals and visitors get into:

Longview Lake: Maybe it’s not quite the Ozarks (and if you watch Netflix, maybe that’s a good thing), but this 930-acre lake draws more than 1 million visitors each season, making it one of the most popular summer destinations in the KC metro area. Power boats, water skiing, fishing, golf, swimming, hiking, and all the other SPF 50 activities are readily available.

Harry Truman Farm: According to local legend, an early community leader, perhaps Truman’s maternal grandfather, gazed across the beautiful landscape and declared, “Isn’t it a grand view?” Somebody else, presumably with a lightbulb flickering overhead, said something like “Let’s call it that!” Stovepipe hats were tossed in the air, sarsaparilla was quaffed in great quantities, and the rest (more or less) is history. Or maybe not. The five-acre Truman farm is a property of the National Park Service, and you could probably get the straight story there.

Grandview Parks: Grandview has 15 parks covering more than 200 acres. One of those is an amphitheater, another a splash park, and there are multiple spaces with grills, picnic tables, shelters, fitness equipment, and walking trails. There’s a skate park for the cool kids and a shooting range because, well, Missouri (even though Jackson County has gone left in every presidential election this century).


Advanced analytics show that anyone who has read this far is getting ready to contact us to ask more about our moving services in Grandview, hit us up for a free quote, or stalk us like we were Taylor Swift walking through the produce section at the Hy-Vee. Look, you and Taylor are never, ever, ever getting back together — like, ever. But we’re here for you, with office hours and moves scheduled seven days a week. Call us at (866) 983-5045.


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