Before Booking

Is my stuff covered?

Your move includes $0.60/lb/item of insurance. This number is determined by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and we at Moving Proz are proud to be law-abiding citizens.

The cost for Actual Cash Value protection depends on the deductible and the declared value of your inventory. You can request more coverage by providing the total value of your belongings that you’d like to cover and your selected deductible level ($0 | $250 | $500 | $1000) via email to [email protected] or give us a call!


What If I’m on a budget?

If you are on a tight budget but still don’t want to do the heavy lifting, ask us about our labor only options. You rent a truck and we do the loading OR unloading.


How do you charge for a Move?

We charge based on the amount of time your move takes. We start with an estimate based on the information we have about your move. This estimate will include a minimum and an hourly rate per mover, but we only bill in 15 minute increments because who wants to pay for something they don’t use? Not us!

We don’t charge fuel or mileages surcharges, stair fees, walking fees, or any other hidden add-ons. There is a fee for additional stops but only if you don’t tell us ahead of time. Let us know before your move and avoid the fee!


How do you figure out How many Movers andHow much Time I need?

We’ll chat with you about your inventory. If your place is 3 bedrooms or larger, we’ll either set up an in-home estimate or request that you send photos or video of your home. We’ve been doing this for a while, so we are pretty good at estimating.


What if I need more or less time?

Last minute inventory changes? Run out of time to disassemble your furniture before we arrive? No big deal! Just keep in mind that the more time your job takes, the more your final bill will be. We just ask that if you know ahead of time that your move duration will be more than an hour more/less than your quote, please let us know so that we can block off enough time for you!


What time am I billed for?

The billable time begins when the crew arrives at the origin address and ends when they finish working at the destination address. We don’t charge any time for the crew to get to your pick up location. If your move is completed earlier than the minimum, you’ll only pay the minimum, and you won’t pay for any additional time we may have quoted. If your move extends past your quote, don’t worry! We only bill in 15 minute increments.


Do your quotes include packing? What is included?

Your move includes moving blankets, shrink wrap, dollies, straps, and any other equipment needed to complete the move. Packing services are also available but are NOT included in your moving quote unless stated as a separate service from moving. If you’d like packing, please let us know. We’d love to take that off your hands.


How Big Are Your Trucks?

Our biggest trucks are 26’ box trucks. That’s about 1700 cubic feet of interior space (if it was filled with liquid…more like 1400 cubic feet when it’s filled with furniture and boxes). Most moves only need 1 truck.

Please keep in mind that these trucks will need to park as near to your home as possible. We might need your help clearing out a longer, wider parking spot, and the trucks need about 14’ of vertical clearance.


When do I pay? Do you need a deposit? Can I cancel or reschedule?

We will take a 35% deposit when you book your move. Long distance moves require a 50% deposit, taken in 2 installments. Any remaining balance is due at the end of your move, before the movers leave.

If you need to cancel or reschedule, you must let us know before close of business (6pm) 5 days prior if your move was scheduled for M-Th or 7 days prior if your move was scheduled for F-Sun in order to avoid losing your deposit.


How do I pay?

We accept cash and all major credit cards. We only accept checks from corporations, and this must be approved prior to your move.

We offer a 5% discount for cash payments. (No credit card fees! Yay!)


Prepping to Move

Will You Move my TV?

Your TVs need to be in a box in order for us to move them. TVs are so thin and fragile now that screens can be cracked even with slight pressure from your thumbs. The good news is we can box the TV for you if you just let us know ahead of time! Just make sure it‘s off the wall and ready to go before the movers arrive.


Can I leave My Washer and Dryer connected?

While most of our movers do know how to disconnect and reconnect major appliances, we aren’t certified for installation, so our insurance won’t cover any damages, leaks, or malfunctions caused by these services. To be on the safe side, have your appliances disconnected before your move.


What should I do with my valuables?

We always recommend that you move your valuables yourself before your movers arrive. If it’s near and dear to your heart, keep it near and dear to your person.


How should I pack my closet?

We will bring wardrobe boxes upon your request to transport your wardrobe on hangers. Please let us know how many you’ll need (24 inch bar across the top, up to 6 boxes). We reuse the boxes after they are unloaded, so please let us know if you’d prefer to keep the boxes. We can add that to the estimate!


Can I leave my dressers full?

It’s best to remove the contents. If your dressers aren’t outrageously heavy or you’re worried about having enough space on the truck, you may leave them full as long as none of the items in the dressers are fragile. We’ll wrap up your dressers to make sure the drawers don’t fall out. Unfortunately, since some dressers just aren’t built to be moved when full, your dresser will be excluded from coverage if you do choose to leave the contents in.


Do You Move Open Boxes?

Anything that can fit in a box needs to be in a box. Boxes are made for stacking but only when they are shut. When boxes cannot be stacked, they have to be moved one at a time, and they become unstable and take up much more space in the back of the truck. Closed boxes keep your belongings safe and make your move go a lot faster!

Pro tip: fill your boxes all the way to the top to ensure they aren’t getting bent beneath the weight of other boxes.


What about my small items?

Our movers aren’t responsible for moving your small loose items since these are easily misplaced. Remember our rule above: anything that can fit in a box needs to be in a box.


How can I speed up my move?

Plan ahead! Know what room and where specifically you would like your items to be. We have a “one touch rule.” If we have to touch an item more than once during loading or unloading, you can expect this to slow us down significantly.


What’s the best way to label my stuff?

Labels should be on three sides of the box and include specific location. Try color coding to make things even easier! Make sure to have signs posed above doorways with those colors and location names so the movers can clearly see where the items go.


Can You take my trash?

Try to remove as much clutter as possible before move day. We understand moving usually turns into spring cleaning, but trash can get in the way of our movers doing their jobs, increasing your move duration. If you need large item disposal, let us know ahead of time. We can add this to your estimate!


Do I need to clean before you arrive?

Your home will soon be your movers’ place of work. We expect your home to be a healthy and safe place for your movers to do their job. We use moving blankets for every job to protect your belongings. Dust is easily transferred from moving blankets onto your belongings and vice versa. We wouldn’t want someone else’s dust on our stuff, and we’re sure you wouldn’t either. Let’s work together to keep everything as clean as possible!


On Move Day

Do I need to be there for the move?

We do ask that you be present during the move. Your movers will be relying on you to direct them where to go and to answer any questions, especially with large amounts of inventory. Keeping yourself available can help the movers do their jobs as efficiently as possible. If you absolutely cannot be there, please let one of our customer service reps know. We‘ll work with you to see what we can do!


What Time will Your Movers arrive?

Because we work until each job is done and most crews have more than one job per day, time of arrival is approximate. We will notify you 1-2 days before your move. If you have a specific time request or any deadlines or restrictions, please let us know when you book your move. We’ll do our absolute best to work around your schedule.


Does the weather affect my move?

Weather can actually play a part in your move.

Exceptionally hot weather can cause heat stroke, so we try to add more hands on to speed up moves during heat waves. Your job will get done faster and we’ll avoid trips to the ER.

We usually work in the rain without any problems. We wrap your furniture to protect it from water damage, and we’ll do our best to wipe off our feet too. But if you’re really concerned, we also offer carpet masking to protect those clean floors!

Snow and ice can cause some delays and/or rescheduling. We’ll do whatever we can to stick to our schedule, but if the roads are hazardous, we won’t risk any injuries. If we are working in the snow, please clear a path for your movers before they arrive. This will speed up your move and keep everything and everyone safe.


Do you cover the floors?

Our movers can put some blankets down to help protect your floors. However, we recommend extra protection for any hard wood floors or carpeting. If this is something you would like, let us know!


Can you help me tear down and rebuild my furniture?

We offer FREE disassembly and reassembly. We will take care of all standard beds, dressers with mirrors, and other minor items as long as only basic tools are needed. (Sorry, no specialty items.) Please provide the office/movers with any additional instructions.


How can I keep my mattress Clean?

We recommend heavy duty mattress bags to protect your mattress during the move. Please let us know how many of each size you’d like to add to your order and we’ll bring them on your move date!


Will You Put my stuff where I want it?

We will place your boxes in the desired rooms if the boxes are clearly labeled with a specific location or if you’re available to offer instructions throughout the move.


Am I Allowed to tip? What’s a Standard Amount?

Absolutely! You can tip in cash directly to your movers. If you’d like to add a tip on the card, pease let us know before we process the transaction. How much you tip is totally up to you. A good way to figure out how much to tip is around $5-$10/hr/mover. So for example, if you have 3 movers who work for 2 hours, that would be about $10-$20 each, totaling $30-$60. Some people tip a rounded amount and some choose to tip a percentage, ranging from 5% – 20% of their move, split evenly for each mover. Either way, we really appreciate it! You’re one of the awesome ones!