Residential Moving Services

If you think changing homes is a pain, try doing our job for a few days. As expert relocation specialists, we help clients with residential moves day in and day out. It’s exhausting. And the only things we have to show for it are years of experience and accolades a mile long.

It’s just not fair.

In fact, we’ve really pigeonholed ourselves. It’s almost as if people only turn to us when they need residential relocation services for super stressful moves. Fair or not, we’ve been typecast as the go-to experts for anyone who wants to change homes in the Kansas City and Denver metro areas.

Residential Moving Company Servicing Kansas City & Denver

All kidding aside, we actually love the backbreaking work we perform for our residential customers. Moving homes can be stressful. But thanks to our large teams of large individuals, we’ve gotten awesome at helping others break down their condos, apartments, retirement flats, townhouses and mansions — only to set up shop somewhere else.

We can handle:

  • All that meticulous packing with bubble wrap, pads and blankets to make sure nothing breaks
  • All those dollies, carts and trucks to safely transport your belongings from point A to point B
  • All those specialized tools to disassemble and reassemble unpronounceable IKEA furniture
  • The preparation involved with hammering out the logistics of navigating tight corners or planning driving routes (don’t even get us started)

And why do we do all this, exactly?

According to our legal department and insurance policy, we (apparently) do these things so we can deliver your valuables unscathed on the other side — all at a reasonable price that you can afford.

But honestly, the only real pleasure we get from our jobs is when you micromanage us with constant reminders to “be careful with your precious belongings.” These unsolicited warnings are what truly fuel our passion. If your back-seat-driving in-laws or unruly kids are around to needle us during your residential relocation, this is simply icing on the cake.

Hate Packing? Don’t We All …

But it’s technically part of our job. So, it’s one of the things we’re obligated to include in our comprehensive residential moving services. We even disassemble, pack and reassemble grand pianos for military service members in between active-duty tours.

But you don’t have to be part of the Armed Forces (or musically gifted) to hire our residential packing service. We also work with non-uniformed families, seniors, divorcees, widows, fugitives and anyone else who simply needs a change of scenery — without all the hernia-induced lifting involved.

Just to show you that we really care, our in-house team of experts can also help you unpack on the other side. How’s that for service (i.e., a local residential moving company that provides end-to-end support for all your relocation needs)?

Oh — we also handle long-distance moves in case you suddenly realize that Denver and Kansas City aren’t the end-all be-all of major urban centers. In fact, we have satisfied clients scattered all over the country. So, whether you’re thinking about moving to Peoria, Manhattan or Honolulu, we can put you in touch with area customers who can share their experiences with Moving Proz.

Ready to Hire Our Residential Relocation Services?

If you have an upcoming move planned, don’t hesitate to reach out to our expert team of relocation specialists. No home is too small (although we kind of prefer those for logistical reasons), and no home is too large (although we prefer these for monetary reasons).

The point is, we’re here to help you with your relocation needs — no matter what they are.

To get started, request a free, no-obligation quote from us by calling 888.686.7769 or by filling out our online form.

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