Apartment Movers In Denver

OK, you hike, bike, and ski and are basically the paragon of Mile High magnificence. That doesn’t mean you should be trail-bossing a crew of your fellow fitness friends in an apartment move.

Moving Proz is an established mover that prides itself on treating local (and not so local) Denver apartment moves with the same efficient care we extend to cross-country business relocations.

Moving Proz works to ensure your confidence soars while your costs don’t, while providing creative solutions for your unique move. Call us to spare yourself the stress that goes with preparing for, planning, and executing a move.


Denver apartment movers, and apartment movers anywhere else, should be cognizant of the fact that the things being moved and the place they are being moved into or out of generally belong to two different entities. One of those entities is holding the other’s security deposit.

Moving Proz has experienced hands that will ensure the walls and floors of the apartment, halls, elevator and anyplace else in the building emerge unscathed. Weird angles in the stairwell? We’ve maneuvered through the weirdest. Narrow halls with tight turns? Been there, navigated that.

Beyond our mad moving skills, Moving Proz offers other services that will destress your move.  For instance, we’re packing experts. Because we do it all the time, we have it down to a science, making more efficient use of time, packing materials, and space while better protecting all your things. Plus, you’ll be relieved of the hovering stress that comes with procrastinating over boxing up the pantry, spare room, or junk drawer.

Plus, we can take apart whatever needs to be taken apart, then put it back together — without borrowing (and “forgetting” to return) anyone else’s tools.

Take a moment to consider all the benefits and services our apartment movers in Denver deliver, including:

  • Free consultation and written estimates
  • Dollies, hand-trucks, straps, and padding as needed
  • All the insurance and licensing needed
  • Temporary storage
  • Full-service packing
  • Furniture disassembly and reassembly

We’ll even stage packing, so the first thing you need at your destination is the first thing off the truck.

Of course, if you’re moving seniors, the first thing you’ll need is sensitivity. At Moving Proz, we pride ourselves on delicately and respectfully handling that often emotional kind of downsizing. We’ll take on the burden of the move while not stripping control from our clients.

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We can offer assurances until the cows come home. For example, our aim isn’t to maximize our profits, but to minimize your stress. We won’t charge you extra (as some competitors do) for stairs, weekends, assembly/disassembly, or unused time (we calculate in 15-minute increments, so if we’re done at 1:15, you’re not paying until 2:00).

We know you have questions for us, and you’ll expect questions from us. Good apartment movers around Denver should be covering things it wouldn’t occur to you to ask about. Contact Moving Proz today for a free quote or to start the conversation.

We know our stuff. We also know you’re the boss. Together, we’ll make a plan that makes your move as stress-free as possible.

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