Apartment Movers In Kansas City

Moving into or out of an apartment seems like something you can DIY — until Ross is screaming, “Pivot!” at Rachel and Chandler, and the sofa is wedged in the stairwell.

The “Friends” model isn’t the path to follow for a successful apartment move. Whether you’re leaving your parents’ basement for a loft in the Power & Light District, or vacating the City of Fountains for opportunities elsewhere, Moving Proz is the resource you should tap.

From your first call until your last piece is placed, Moving Proz will work to ensure your confidence soars while your costs do not. We pride ourselves on communication, creative solutions for your unique move, and complete customer satisfaction.

Save yourself the stress that goes with preparing for, planning, and executing a move by calling Moving Proz.

Many Parts to an Apartment Move

Moving into or out of an apartment means moving your stuff through someone else’s building — and that someone else is probably holding your security deposit. Moving Proz has experienced hands that will ensure walls and floors survive your apartment move unscathed, no matter the angles of the stairwell or tight turns in the hallway.

Don’t overlook the advantages of having us do the packing for you. We’ll make the most efficient use of space and packing materials, better protect your property, and relieve you of the hovering stress that comes with the lingering specter of boxing up the pantry, or junk drawer, or kids’ playroom.

Plus, we can take apart whatever needs to be taken apart, then put it back together — and we won’t have to borrow your dad’s tools.

Take a moment to consider all the benefits and services our Kansas City apartment movers deliver, including:

  • Free consultation and written estimates
  • Dollies, hand-trucks, straps, and padding as needed
  • All the necessary insurance and licensing
  • Temporary storage
  • Full-service packing
  • Furniture disassembly and reassembly

We’ll even stage the packing, so the first thing you need at your destination is the last thing loaded into the truck (and the first thing off it).

Speaking of things you may not have considered: Are you hiring to move a senior citizen? Sometimes that kind of downsizing requires special sensitivity. We get it. Our staff takes on the burden of the move while not stripping control from our clients.

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Ready to get Moving?

We’re sure you have questions. In fact, we hope you do. Better to ask now than to have an unmet expectation later (but even if that happens, we’ll work to make things right). More to the point, we’ll have questions for you, and you should be suspicious of Kansas City apartment movers who don’t.

We know our stuff. We also know you’re the boss. Together, we’ll make a plan and make any adjustments needed should the plan change.

Contact Moving Proz today for a free quote, or reach out with any questions.

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