Top Local Moving Company in Kansas City & Denver

Top Local Moving Company in Kansas City & Denver

We get, sometimes things are quite tempting and you feel like you have no self-control! That last piece of chocolate cake, for instance. One thing that is extremely tempting is choosing to recruit your buddies instead of hiring professional movers. 

Borrowing your brother’s pick-up and wrangling a couple of buddies (remember, they’re free and willing to work for beer for a reason) might sound like a prudent move. But only if you define “prudent” as “cheap.” Like, friends are cheap, but think about all of the things they might damage during the process.

Trusting your buddy to load the TV in his Family Truckster certainly is not prudent.  Hiring a local moving company does, and Moving Proz is the prudent option among professional local movers.

Our team are local Denver movers and Kansas City movers who can help you move your residential and commercial property within the area. 

Why Choose Us for Your Local Kansas City & Denver Move?

We’re not flakes. We’re not jerks. We’re not know-it-alls. Well, we know it all, but we also know it’s your stuff and your place and your move. We’ll ask questions and address your concerns. We’re the experts, but you’re the boss.

This is why you’re going to love us:

  • We’re fully licensed and insured, so even if we break something (it happens), we’ll make it right.
  • No hidden fees (no stair charges, no weekend rates — heck, if we sold wings, the dipping sauce would be included).
  • We take it apart and put it back together (and no leftover screws, we promise!).
  • When you call, you can talk to actual human beings.
  • Our packing supplies cost what they should cost (we’re looking at you, shipping services).

Our Packing Services

Speaking of packing supplies, moving is like painting. A lot of your success is determined by the prep work — which means packing well is half the battle.

Here’s why you should consider adding packing services when you hire movers for local moves:

  • Anyone who’s ever watched a Marie Kondo video knows clutter = stress. We can pack faster than you, and all at once (rather than piecemeal, sucking up your time and available floor space for weeks before a move).
  • Our boxes will be organized in a manner that makes unpacking quicker and more efficient.
  • We’ll use fewer boxes than you will, which might save you money and might save, you know, the planet.
  • Stuff we pack tends to arrive in one piece, even if we’re not driving the truck (but by all that is holy, let us drive the truck).

If you’re still determined to pack everything yourself, let us give you some advice. First, hold every item you intend to pack, and if it sparks joy … man, someone has built a Kondo-minimum in our heads and is living there rent free.

Simple Packing Tips

  • Don’t over-pack any boxes. Use smaller boxes for heavier items, like those books you’re going to read one day.
  • Don’t mix multiple rooms in one box. Toilet brushes and salad tongs do not mix.
  • If you’re going to need it right away, put it on the truck last. We’re talking about the bathroom box and the kitchen box with the basics you’ll want readily available right up until your departure from the old place and immediately upon arrival at the new.
  • Wrap valuable items over the sofa or a bed. Then at least you’ve got a shot at a rebound before it hits the floor.

Contact Moving Proz for Local Moves Servicing Kansas City & Denver

Look, hiring local movers for small moves makes sense even if all the experts in your life (hello, Uncle Social Media) suggest otherwise. One call to Moving Proz replaces potentially dozens of calls and stops you might make figuring this out on your own — calls to friends, trips to truck and equipment rental firms, packing supply stores, and probably more. And that doesn’t even include the time and stress involved in the packing and moving.

We know we’re the right company to be your short-distance movers in and around Kansas City and Denver. How do we know? Terrific self-awareness!

Now imagine the self-esteem boost you’ll get hanging out in your new abode with all those friends you have because you didn’t ask them to help you move.

Any questions? Contact us. Or cut to the chase and get a quote for our services in Kansas City or Denver.

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