Professional Local Movers In Denver

Local moves require local knowledge.

Moving Proz has the kind of baked-in Denver knowledge (not where to get baked in Denver — everybody knows that) to note that a move from Hooker Street to Market Street might once have been considered redundant.

We should also probably point out now that Moving Proz is a female-led business as fiercely proud of its diversity and its innovation as it is its Denver bona fides. We don’t have to quote The Fray to show we know our turf. (We might, though, because you can never say never. It had to be said.)

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We get it. For short moves, the temptation is strong to do it yourself. Just remember, cable networks have entire shows devoted to DIY fails. And moving do-it-yourselfers are usually counting on a whole bunch of other selfs.

Do you really want your moving day to spontaneously combust because half your crew was at the same wedding last night? Why risk your clumsy brother-in-law launching himself and an ottoman over a railing when you can hire local moving company?

Here are just some of the benefits of hiring professional local movers:

  • Faster and more efficient packing (we’re talking hours instead of weeks)
  • No need to hunt down supplies, equipment, or a truck
  • Stairs? No problem
  • Properly packed boxes and truck loads, minimizing the potential for damage
  • No creaky knees or achy dad sounds from you getting out of a chair when the move is done

And here’s a few tips for finding honest local full-service movers who’ll know the 303 from the 720 (even if you’re rocking a 983):

  • Check websites, reviews, and note our A+ Better Business Bureau rating.
  • Get FREE in-house estimates.
  • Make sure all potential fees are included in the estimates (insurance, floor protection, disassembly/reassembly of furniture, and packing materials/services).



You don’t want just any local residential movers. Your sideboard shouldn’t end up on the ’gram as some swole boy’s flex.

Fully licensed and insured, we’re so ethical we bought the Taylor Swift re-records. We’ll handle logistics, packing, transport, and unpacking. Moving Proz prides ourselves on seeing each move as unique and on our ability to analyze and solve problems. You’ll talk to real people from the start when you call us — none of them jerks.

Organizing and executing a move is stressful. Let us do all that heavy lifting for you.



Look, we can’t guarantee you the Broncos will ever draft a quarterback better than Brian Griese, but we can make your move easier. You won’t find a better local mover in Denver.

Our aim is to be your favorite, charge a fair price, and minimize your stress. We won’t charge you extra (as some competitors do) for stairs, weekends, assembly/disassembly, or unused time. We calculate in 15-minute increments, so if we’re done at 1:15, you’re not paying until 2:00.

Getting the move right is much easier when you get the right movers. That’s us. Get an estimate.

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