Need your Steinway, Yamaha upright, Baldwin, or other grand piano moved in Denver or Kansas City? If you’ve got it, we’ve moved it before! Apartment stairs, spiral staircases, basements, tight turns; no area is too difficult for us! Here at Moving Proz, we have a lot of experience moving pianos, which take a special touch you can’t get with anyone else.

Our fully licensed and insured moving company serves all of Kansas City & Denver. Let us address all your piano moving needs with attention to detail and efficient service. Rest assured, we take all precautions to ensure your belongings are moved safely and hassle free, whether you need local or long-distance piano movers.

We’ve got years of experience moving pianos around the Denver and Kansas City metropolitan area, and we’d like to put our piano mover services to work for you.


When moved by a professional, a piano move only takes two, three, or possibly four people when many stairs and awkward spaces are involved. The piano moving specialists at Moving Proz know:

  • How to properly disassemble pianos, transport them and assemble them together again in the new place.
  • The right equipment to bring, such as boards, skids, dollies, tools, straps, and pads to easily move hundreds of pounds across your floor.
  • How much sentimental and monetary value your piano holds.

We also offer a wide variety of piano moving options for our Denver & Kansas piano moving customers, including:

  • Trucks and trailers that have climate controls so that your piano won’t be subjected to any outside elements like extreme heat or cold;
  • Custom piano dollies, e-track piano moving boards, and an ATV vehicle great for short moves from the truck to your home;
  • Multi-man teams working to move your piano, ensuring you’ll have several strong hands protecting your piano all throughout your Kansas City & Denver piano move;
  • We handle the whole piano move ourselves at Moving Proz, and we don’t hire anyone else;
  • Competitive price packages ensure that you’ll not only be getting the best local piano movers around, but also prices that won’t break the bank.


To learn more about our services and to get a free quote, contact us at 913-251-9034 or fill out our online form. Our business hours are Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. We schedule moves seven days a week! We proudly Denver, Kansas City and surrounding areas.