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Moving in Denver, Overland Park or Kansas City Area?

Why Is Moving Proz the Best Option for Movers in Denver, Overland Park and Kansas City?

From Mile High to Arrowhead (or, if you must, Empower to GEHA), we know the turf. And we’re not jerks trying to just trick you into giving us your hard earned money. Although we are more expensive than your bros (who work for pizza and beer) we will give you a great deal (we have very competitive rates). 

Credibility logo.
Credibility logo.
Literal tons (because couches are heavy) of our business comes from referrals. Why?
We eat your stress (but have the cheeseburger anyway).
We’ll science the crud out of your unique moving needs. Seriously, we love this stuff.
Our pricing is transparent.
Our transport delivers your assets in the best possible condition.
We know our stuff and know you’re the boss — you’ll feel simultaneously cared for and in control.

Business and Household Movers You Can Trust

We can’t make sure your new neighbors aren’t conspiracy theorists, TikTok stars or salespeople, but we can make sure your move will come off with no surprises — either in process or when you get the bill. Whether you’re looking for household packing services or you’re relocating a business, let us work up a plan and a price for your job.

Look, we’re family owned and operated — so when we say we’ll treat you like family, that doesn’t mean we’ll “borrow” $200 from you on the Fourth of July and sit at the kid’s table to avoid you on Thanksgiving. It means:

  • You’ll talk to actual human beings when you call.
  • We’ll include assembly and disassembly in our price.
  • We won’t charge extra for weekends.
  • We won’t gouge you for packing supplies.
  • We won’t charge you for stairs (un-freaking-believably, some companies do). Or walking distance, or any of those other made-up up-charges that make some movers’ invoices look like your phone bill.
  • We charge by the quarter-hour, so you’re not paying for 60 minutes when you use 10.

Contact Moving Proz for a Free Moving Estimate

OK, to recap:

Households, business and commercial, pianos, local, long-distance — we have all the moves. And we’ll do the packing and unpacking.

Just don’t wait until the last minute. This isn’t the ninth grade and you aren’t doing a book report on Lord of the Flies. The more time we have to work out a plan, the less stress you’ll feel.

Before your move, we’ll pay you a visit (don’t go to any trouble, but we like donuts). We’ll get a handle on the number of rooms you have, the number and types of items, moving distance, and which of our services you need. It won’t be your only chance to ask questions, but you might want to write some down — customers tend to be overwhelmed by our vast knowledge and devastating good looks, so they’re sometimes rendered speechless.

A quote comes next. You won’t be mad. We’ll also spell out your next steps.

Bottom line, if you’re curious about our moving services in the Kansas City, Overland Park, Lawrence and Denver areas, contact us now at 866-980-1279 or fill out our free moving quote form to get an estimate.

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