Moving in a Hurry? 5 Tips for a Last-Minute Move

August 27, 2019

Of course it’s best if you had ample time to plan your move, but this is sometimes impossible, especially when it’s due to a work relocation. Generally, you should devote three to four weeks to properly plan a move but if you only have a week, it’s not impossible to get the job done quickly.

Here are five tips to help you out.

1.  Tackle the Logistics

First, you need to hire a professional mover. Once that’s in place, you can start planning your logistics. Get a moving day set in stone, then everything will revolve around that. Get on the horn to cancel utilities, stop your mail, and map out the route you’ll take to the new residence. Once this is squared away, you can breathe easy knowing you have the logistics down.

2.     Let the Movers Do Stuff

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a professional mover is the assistance you can receive when your move has come down to the wire. Many movers offer packing services, so take them up on this. They’ll even bring all the supplies, boxes, tape, etc. Not only will they do this quickly, they’ll do it properly to minimize breakage.

3.  Declutter

The fewer items you have to pack, the easier the packing process will be. Plus, you’ll save money by not stuffing the moving truck with things you don’t need. Go through every room, cabinet and closet, pull out anything you no longer want or need, then separate these items into three piles: donate, recycle, and throw away.

At the last minute, you have to think practicality rather than sentimentality. Take this as an opportunity to purge your home, edit your belongings, travel lightly and move forward. Goodwill has a donation drop-off site right here in Kansas City and Denver.

4.  Assemble a Moving Essentials Bag

Before you begin packing all the big stuff, fill a duffel bag with the essentials you can’t live without in the first day or two, such as medications, important documents, chargers, essential toiletries, and a change of clothes.

5.  Don’t Think, Just Pack

Packing in a hurry means you’ll have to turn a blind eye towards obsessive organization and give yourself over to the moment. You have a super short time frame, so don’t bother sorting items. Pack now and sort later; place things where they fit and worry about sorting it all out later when unpacking. Use what you have. Keep clothing in dresser drawers and on hangers, use suitcases to pack stuff, and wrap breakables in towels and sheets.

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