The Best Neighborhoods in Blue Springs MO

January 27, 2022

Planning to move to Blue Springs MO soon? There are many things that may have prompted that decision for you, whether for a job relocation or because you heard a lot of good things about this ninth largest city in the Kansas City Metropolitan area home to 54,000. Just 19 miles from downtown Kansas City, Blue Springs has a lot going for it. Not only is it a growing, vibrant, clean, and friendly city, it’s got stellar school systems and recreational offerings as well. Blue Springs has 25 public schools, as well as five private and charter schools. The median listing home price is $265,000, and the median listing home price per square foot is $128. Homes here are less expensive than the U.S. average of $376,000. blue-springs-kansas-missouri The per capita income is $33,000, high for Missouri, equivalent to an annual income of $132,000 for a family of four. Blue Springs comprises 13 distinct neighborhoods, some of which include Chapman Farms, Plaza Estates and Waterfield. This community is a great place to raise a family or start a business. So, if you’re planning to move here, your next thought may be: which neighborhood should I choose?

Best Neighborhoods in Blue Springs

Here we will go over some top neighborhoods in Blue Springs for 2022.

Route 7 / E Wyatt Rd

The median real estate price here is $290,000 which is more costly than 85 percent of the neighborhoods in Missouri. The average rental price is $1,634. This friendly suburban neighborhood is comprised of medium sized to large single-family homes and townhouses. Most are owner occupied. The homes overall are established but not old by any means, built after 2000.

E Pink Hill Rd / NE Jellison Rd

The median real estate price is $305,000 – more expensive than 84 percent of the neighborhoods in the rest of the state. Rentals run about $2,600. Most homes here were built between 1970 and 1999. Most of them are single-family homes within established tree-lined streets.

E Major Rd / S Enochs Mills Rd

Here, the median real estate price is $417,500 – more expensive than 95 percent of the neighborhoods in the rest of the state. Average rentals are nearly $2000 a month. This wealthy neighborhood attracts educated professionals, executives, and managers. The demand to live here is very tight.

NW Duncan Rd / NW 12Th St

A haven for married couples, both who have children and who do not, the median real estate price in this neighborhood is $302,000, with an average rental price of $1,970. You’ll find many medium sized and large single-family homes and townhouses here, with a majority being owner occupied. Most homes here were built between 1970 and 1999. Demand is high for this neighborhood.

N 7th Hwy / NW Pink Hill Rd

The median real estate price is $241,200 and the average rental price is $1,500. The homes are made up of single-family homes and small apartment buildings mostly, and most of the homes are owner occupied. blue-springs-kansas-missouri-trail

Good Schools: A Main Factor in Choosing a Neighborhood

The neighborhood you choose will be heavily dependent on how good the schools there are. You will likely take into account anything from safety and discipline to test scores and student-to-teacher ratios. To help you along, here are some tips to locating the best schools, and thus the best neighborhoods.

1.     Ask For Recommendations

Get recommendations from friends, family and community members, coworkers and teachers. If you’re simply switching schools, ask your child’s current teachers what they think of the school in the neighborhood you’re moving to. Another person to ask with a wealth of knowledge of the area is your real estate agent. They can tell you the local school ratings, locations, transportation options, facts, and statistics.

2.     Research Online

Doing your homework online is critical. This is the best way to compare schools in your potential neighborhoods. Check out these to start:
  • The National Center for Education Statistics, where you can view data for each school district in the entire KC and Blue Springs area.
  • GreatSchools, a national, non-profit website that gives you access to test scores, school ratings, and information for private and public schools, along with available programs and parent reviews.
  • SchoolDigger, giving you info on school rankings, test scores, student-to-teacher ratios and district boundaries.

3.     Go on a Tour

Getting a vibe for the culture of the school in question isn’t possible without visiting in person. Bring your child with you, as they will be the ones to attend every day and they have to like it too. Tour the facilities, meet the administrators, visit a typical classroom, and watch the interactions between teachers and parents. Here’s what to focus on:
  • Number of students in each classroom
  • The school’s mission statement or philosophy
  • The curriculum structure
  • Amount of homework assigned each night
  • Typical projects asked of students
  • Resources available to students
  • Methods of measuring academic and social progress
  • Presence of gifted student programs
  • Extra help and tutoring
  • Support for special needs students
  • Dress codes
  • Extracurricular activities and after-school clubs
  • Discipline, safety, and bullying protocols
  • Bus transportation and cost
Once you have settled on a school in Blue Springs MO for your child, you can start the search for a neighborhood in earnest. Now’s the time to make concrete plans, book your movers, and come up with a timeline. We can help you stick to it all and make sure you’re moved into the best Blue Springs neighborhood.

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