8 Signs You Need Professional Movers

Moving as part of a corporate relocation? Perhaps you just want to move to a bigger house to fit your growing family? Whatever the reason, the prospect of moving may likely have you in a panic. Rest assured, though, that

Things Moving Proz Won’t Move

We do a lot, but there are some things we can’t, by law, remove and relocate for you. While we here at Moving Proz pride ourselves on providing moving services for many household items, including the heaviest of furniture and

Top Tips to Make Unpacking Easy

Are you wondering how much time and effort it is going to take you to unpack after a stressful move? Would you like some tips to make unpacking easy? Packing and moving might seem like the only tasks associated with

Moving Proz Expanding to Kansas City, MO

Need someone to help you move in Kansas City? Moving Proz is expanding to Kansas City, MO… After successfully helping several people move in the Overland Park and Lawrence areas, we at Moving Proz are finally opening in Kansas City,

How to Move Houses in a Hurry

Do you suddenly have to move houses? Would you like to learn how to move houses in a hurry? Sometimes we just don’t get the time to move properly. Maybe it’s because of a sudden transfer or a new job