How to Find the Perfect Piano Movers

December 18, 2014

Have you got a piano? Are you planning to move it? Do you know how to find the perfect piano movers to help you out?

There’s nothing better than sitting at a grand piano and playing it, not even using the most advanced digital keyboard with all its special features can beat it. Pianos are special and hence require great care while being transported. Instead of risking it by moving it yourself, you should hire piano movers who can help you out. So we have shared some tips to find the perfect piano movers below…

1. Look for Piano Movers Specialists:

Piano moving requires special skill, technique and experience. Don’t listen to everyday movers when they say that all moving is the same and that they should be able to move it without any problems. Piano moving isn’t just about protecting your piano while moving it from homes, apartments or other terrains it is also about protecting other parts of the building or house as a piano can cause damage to things like flooring and walls.

If you end up hiring the wrong movers you might also have to pay for damages to both your piano and the building. So be as meticulous as you can. Use everything from the internet and recommendations from friends, piano sellers and musicians while searching for the perfect piano movers.

When you find a piano mover enquire about the type of pianos they have moved in the past. If they have moved a piano similar to yours you should be in safe hands.

2. Make sure they have the right tools:

Specialist piano movers will have tools like custom dollies, e-track moving boards and ATV vehicles along with generic moving equipment like packaging material and trucks to ensure that the piano is moved as safely as possible. When you interview them ask them if they have these tools and find out if they plan to use them when they move your piano.

3. Get it insured:

Good piano movers will offer piano moving insurance. Make sure you choose a piano mover who offers insurance as it will protect you in case anything bad happens to your piano.

What else can one do to find the perfect piano movers? Please leave your comments below.

Image Credit: cocoparisienne (1) and Mariamichelle (2)