Precautions to Take While Moving Delicate Items Like Glass

June 15, 2015

Are you planning to move houses? Do you know the precautions to take while moving delicate items like glass?

While moving items from your old house to your new house the most attention and care should be given to delicate and easily breakable items. Most of these items are partially or wholly made of glass or glass like substances and tend to be on the expensive side. This includes items like paintings, chandeliers, lamps, crockery, clocks, and mirrors.

So here are the precautions to take while moving delicate items like glass…

Pack them well:

The first precaution to follow while moving delicate items is to pack them well. Start off by cleaning them properly as you don’t want any dust particles to settle on them while packing. As these can rub against things like glass and leave visible scratches. After you clean them up you can begin packing.

Most of these delicate items should be first wrapped with bubble wrap and then placed in a packing box filled with crumpled paper and/or Styrofoam for extra protection. Before wrapping things like mirrors or paintings with bubble wrap, make an X on them with tape as this will keep the glass or mirrors in place in case they break.

You can also use things like blankets, newspapers, and towels for extra padding.

If you pack your items very well they will high chance of remaining intact even if you mistakenly drop them.

Label the boxes:

Label the boxes with words like ‘Fragile Items – Handle with Care’ so that people know they have to be careful when they carry the item. Use a permanent marker to ensure that the words don’t get erased.

Make sure they are secure:

When you carry the boxes in which these items have been packed pay full attention to them and don’t get distracted. If you find them heavy ask a friend to help you.

Place the items in a secure place on the vehicle i.e. not under other items and in between things like mattresses and pillows as they can absorb shock.

These are all the precautions to take while moving delicate item like glass. Would you like to add more tips to this list? Please leave your comments below.

Image Credit: JamesDeMers