5 Everyday Items You Can Use for Packing and Moving

June 26, 2015

Are you planning to move houses soon? Would you like to learn about the everyday items you can use for packing and moving?

The materials you use for packing and moving items don’t just have to be stuff like packing boxes, bubble wrap and Styrofoam. There are several items that can be found around the house that can be used for packing and moving too.

We have listed 5 everyday items you can use for packing and moving below…


Things like picnic baskets and storage bins can be used in place of packing boxes. They will provide your items with better protection than packing boxes as they are sturdier. You probably won’t have enough baskets to completely replace packing boxes. So you must use the baskets and bins along with the packing boxes. You can pack your most delicate or most important items in baskets and storage bins and pack the rest in packing boxes.


Clothing like socks, bed sheets, towels and pillow cases can be used to pack delicate items as they are soft and can offer better protection than other popular packing material.

Make sure you wrap something over these clothing or place them in packing boxes to prevent them from getting dirty.


Old newspapers make great packing material. You can wrap them on almost any item.

Plastic wrap is an alternative. It’s also leak proof, but it might not have the same cushioning effect that several layers of paper can offer. Use paper to pack breakable items and plastic wrap to pack leak able or wet items.


Labels can be pasted onto various items including packing boxes. You can write several important instructions like what the item is or which room to place it in (in the new house) on the label.

Mattresses and pillows:

Mattresses and pillows with their softness make great shock absorbers. If you are moving delicate items you can place them between or on them. They will absorb all the vibrations and prevent the delicate items from breaking.

 These are 5 everyday items you can use for packing and moving. Which other items can be used for packing and moving? Please leave your comments below.

Image Credit: Badzio140 and stevepb