Customer Obligations: What Can You Do?

May 11, 2015

There are a handful of reasons that a quote can go over its original time frame. Most of which are preventable by the customer. In moving the little things make a big difference.

Trash and Clutter

Get rid of your Trash and Clutter before move day. These things are obstacles that get in the way of our movers doing there jobs. To the customers defense things are unstable the last few days before the move and have a tendency to get messy. Make sure all trash and clutter is out of the walkways of the movers or any place they may be operating.

Dust and Debris

Movers have to work in a new environment every day. With that being said your home is there place of work. We expect your home to be a healthy and safe place for your movers to do their job. With that being said movers use moving pads for every job to protect your belongings. Dusty surfaces will ruin our furniture pads. Please make sure there is no dust and debris on any surface we will be using these pads.

Open Top Boxes

Anything that can fit in a box should go in a box is our rule of thumb. Open top boxes on the day of the move will significantly slow the movers down. Boxes are made for stacking and if you don’t have a closed top box you have taken the functionality of the box away. There are a few different ways this can slow the move down. One of which is that when loading boxes on a dolly we should be able to stack 4 or 5 at a time and transport them all at once. Open top boxes cannot be stacked and therefore have to be moved one at a time. With that being said once in the truck the contents of the box are unsafe and unstackable. This causes the movers to have to use more time trying to find a safe position on the truck.

Finding the customer

Many times customers are tempted to start the unpack as the movers are unloading the truck. This is a mistake for various reasons. The first reason is that the movers are relying on you to direct them where to go, especially with large amounts of inventory. The little things add up over the course of the day. The customer should always stand at the end of the truck so the movers don’t have to hunt them down causing them to have to cover much more ground.

Have a Plan

You should have a plan for your inventory before the movers arrive at the destination. That means you should know what room and where in the room specifically these items are going to go and stay. We have a “one touch rule” and if we have to touch an Item more than once on the Load or Unload you can expect this to slow us down significantly.

Box Labels

Labels should be on three sided of the box with a specific location. If you really want to be helpful so there is a much smaller margin for error use colors for specific locations as well. Make sure to have signs posed above doorways with those colors and location names so the movers can clearly see where the items go.