Common Mistakes Made While Hiring Residential Movers

March 20, 2015

Are you planning to move houses? Do you know the common mistakes made while hiring residential movers?

Hiring the perfect residential movers is an important step you need to take while moving houses. A small mistake will result in you hiring the wrong movers who can harm your precious belongings.

So here are the common mistakes made while hiring residential movers. Stay clear of them…

Not learning all you can about them:

Before you hire a residential mover, you need to perform all the research you can on them. If you don’t do any or perform only very little research you will never know how well they have fared in the past and if they are more likely to do a good or a bad job. So check how they have performed online with the help of search engines, listing sites and social media. Also contact some of their past clients and learn as much as you can about them.

Leaving it to the last minute:

Good residential movers need to be booked weeks and months in advance so you will need to prepare early. Delaying will only result in you getting the movers no one wants.

Not getting the right insurance:

For all moving packages, residential movers will normally include some basic cover. But this isn’t sufficient, as if something happens to your belongings this insurance will only offer partial compensation. So ask your movers to give you some extra insurance or contact an insurance agency to help you out. This extra cover should help protect your belongings completely.

Not agreeing on all the steps:

Don’t assume that a mover is going to perform such and such a step because it says so on their website. You have to get a confirmation from them either verbally or by the means of a written contact that they will certainly perform exactly what is needed. Only ask for a quote once you are happy with what you are going to get.

These are the common mistakes made while hiring residential movers. Did we forget to list any other common mistakes? Please leave your comments below.

Image Credit: Rachel Johnson and GotCredit