How to Ensure You Take All Your Belongings While Moving Houses

February 23, 2015

Are you moving houses? Would you like to ensure you take all your belongings while moving houses?

Moving houses is stressful and having so many tasks in mind can make you forgetful which could result in you forgetting certain belongings while moving houses. Sometimes if you are lucky the landlord or the person who moved in after you might contact you (after they find that you left something behind) and make sure it reaches you, but this is not the case always. They might just find all the effort time consuming and avoid it (by dumping it) or they might keep it for themselves if they like it.

To avoid this here are some tips to ensure you take all your belongings while moving houses…

1. Check several times:

People sometimes make the mistake of only checking their rooms for leftover belongings one time, when they should actually be checking at least 3 times. This way if you miss anything in the first check you will always see it later.

2. Have a system:

Have a system or order for the checks. This needs to be both for the house as a whole and for each and every room. This way you won’t forget to look at a specific room or specific part of the house. For e.g. you can start with the bedrooms and then go to the other parts of the house. And for each room you could look into cupboards first and then end with looking under the bed.

3. Make a list:

List all the belonging you need to definitely move. As you move each of these belongings out of the house you can cross it off the list. Don’t stop till everything on the list is crossed off. You can make this list on a piece of paper or using Apps like Evernote or Todoist.

4. Take a break:

To refresh your mind, take a break in between checks with a quick nap or a walk. This will make sure you look at the room in a new way.

5. Get others help:

You might get bored with the checks and just begin glancing at everything too briefly, so get a friend or two to perform the other checks. They might be able to spot something that you forgot.

These steps will ensure that you take all your belongings while moving houses. Did we forget to list any important steps? Please leave your comments below.

Image Credit: Dvortygirl and Kimberly Jones