How To Get Involved in the Kansas City Community

July 26, 2022

Ask someone to name three things they love about Kansas City, and you will surely hear barbecue, blues, and the Kansas City Chiefs. Some people may not know that Kansas City is one of the fastest-growing cities in the Midwest. Although Kansas City is the largest city in Missouri, it’s still small enough to maintain the charm of living in the Midwest. When deciding to move here, consider the job market, education, and community involvement. Don’t hesitate to get involved and make your mark. Kansas City has much to offer young professionals or families looking to relocate. A unique factor about the city is that it’s located in two states. Both Missouri and Kansas stake a claim in this growing cultural mecca. Are you planning a move to the Midwest? Read about opportunities to get involved in the Kansas City community.

Get Involved by Learning the Culture

The culture of Kansas City speaks for itself. There are famous tourist stops, but once you become a resident, those places become cliché-ish. Once you become acclimated, you’ll want to get out and explore everything they have to offer. Instead, learn the authentic culture by exploring these hidden gems.

1. Observation Deck at City Hall

Not only does Kansas City, Missouri, have the second-largest City Hall building in the country, but there’s also an observation deck on the roof. The 29-story building provides impressive views of the city. While there for this fantastic experience, learn a bit about the city’s history and why you made the right choice in your relocation.

2. Mutual Musicians Foundation

Learning the history of a city is a great way to understand the community at large. If social events are your thing, check out the Mutual Musicians Foundation. Its history is rooted in the African-American jazz culture that’s prominent in the city. Every weekend they host jazz sessions that have drawn the talents of musicians like Stevie Wonder. It’s a special treat for the musicians to stick around and mingle with the crowd.

3. How Many Fountains?

Take a fountain tour to explore the two-hundred fountains located in the metropolitan area of Kansas City. The tours are a great way to learn the city’s history and what makes it unique. Along the tour, you can meet new people and learn about other unique aspects of the city.

Make Time to Volunteer

Individuals who love giving back to the community often ask how to get involved. The Kansas City community won’t disappoint. You’ll gain valuable information about various charities and non-profit organizations as you learn more about Kansas City. Depending on what types of organizations you prefer to connect with, you’re sure to find something that matches your interests. Plus, volunteering is a great way to meet new people and make friends in a new community.

1. Charlie’s House

Charlie’s House is a non-profit organization raising awareness about household dangers for children. They provide educational resources for parents, schools, and other places that host children. They offer various volunteer opportunities. It’s an excellent place to volunteer if you have a young family.

2. Head for the Cure Foundation

If running 5K races is your thing, connecting with the Head for the Cure Foundation hosts multiple fundraisers throughout the year to benefit people with brain cancer. You can volunteer for these upcoming events or host a smaller fundraiser:
  • Head for the Cure 5K
  • Tour de Bier Bike Race
The organization believes every effort to raise funds helps raise awareness. It’s a great way to give back to the community and raise awareness for a good cause.

3. Habitat for Humanity – Kansas City

You may already be familiar with the great work Habitat for Humanity does in building affordable housing and communities. The concept of the program is to bring donations from corporations and use volunteers to help put sweat equity into building the homes. You’ll meet people from all walks of life at a home build. Volunteer opportunities are like a social event because friendships are made, as well as networking with members of the community.

Support Youth Programs

There are numerous organizations offering enrichment programs for children. These organizations love for parents to be active in the programs but also welcome non-parents from the community. Families with children may have a desire to support youth programs. Remember, children often have a more challenging time acclimating to new environments than adults. They require outlets to meet other youth and build new friendships.

1. Girls on the Run Serving Greater Kansas City

Girls on the Run is a nationwide non-profit that builds self-esteem and inspires girls in grades 3 – 8 through running. The program is offered in conjunction with Kansas City schools.

2. Youth Football Leagues

As you can imagine, a city with a professional football team will be highly interested in developing the next generation of great players. Kansas City is no different. Residents have multiple leagues to explore, including:
  • KC Sunflower Football Association
  • Kansas City Football and Cheer
  • North Suburban Youth Football League
Football and cheer squads allow children to meet kids from around the community that may not attend their schools. Getting kids involved in sports also provides parents an outlet to both volunteer and make new friendships.

3. Church Youth Programs

Parents raising their children in a Christian home want to connect with a church in their community. A driving factor for most parents is finding a religious institution with a solid youth ministry. Today’s churches have vigorous youth programs providing many opportunities to learn life skills. From youth dance teams to working in the media department to global missions, a strong religious community is a fantastic way to get involved in Kansas City.

Join Social Groups

Young professionals understand the importance of being a part of social communities in the cities where they live. It is one way to get involved and learn about volunteer opportunities, networking events, and various clubs. You can find social groups on social sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Meetup Kansas City. The benefits of social groups can genuinely enhance your experience of moving to a new city. The quicker you become acclimated and get to know your neighbors, the faster you settle into your new environment.

1. is a social platform that connects like-minded people. The site has hundreds of groups in the Kansas City community with various interests. It doesn’t matter if you want to connect with sports enthusiasts, wine connoisseurs, a travel group, or a brunch club. You’ll find your tribe. Lasting friendships begin on the platforms, and some people have found love. You’re not limited to the number of groups you can join. Go ahead and seek groups to build your new community.

2. Fraternity and Sorority Alumni

One of the many benefits of joining a fraternity or sorority in college is the lifelong associations you create. No matter where you live in the United States, you’re sure to find alumni. Search for alumni associations in the Kansas City community and connect. You’ll have an immediate support system. In addition, you can continue to find volunteer opportunities that allow you to continue representing your Greek organization.

3. Register for Interest-based Activities

Let your interests and talents help you get involved in the Kansas City community. Do you like to paint? Register for a paint party. Whether painting, playing chess, making pottery, or cooking, there are businesses throughout Kansas City that offer classes to fit various hobbies. The classes are great ways to meet new people from throughout the community.

Buy From Locally Owned Businesses

Supporting locally owned businesses in the Kansas City community you live in is another form of community building. Small businesses are the backbone of our country. When you support a small business, you help strengthen the community, provide jobs, and keep dollars in your neighborhoods. Small business owners are more likely to support other small businesses. If you are a business owner moving to Kansas City, Missouri, you’ll need the support of a locally owned business community. Check out these organizations to find small businesses to support.

1. Visit KC

Visit KC is an online directory for everything in Kansas City. It’s considered a tourist guide but also beneficial to city residents. As a newcomer, you can learn about upcoming events that will get you out of the house among the people in the community. They also have a section on the website titled Shop Small in Kansas City. The small business section aims to help residents and visitors discover new gens in every corner of the city.

2. Kansas City Magazine

Kansas City Magazine is an online publication and podcast covering everything amazing about Kansas City. They feature local businesses, things to do, and much more. The magazine is a resource for newcomers seeking information about the city and places to support. The magazine also spotlights residents and their contributions to the community.

3. KC Chamber of Commerce

Local Chamber of Commerce organizations are committed to supporting economic development in the communities they serve. Most Chambers place emphasis on small businesses, providing resources and outlets for growth. Their goal is to make Kansas City, Missouri, America’s most entrepreneurial city. Since 2011 the focus has been on embracing more people and connecting entrepreneurs.

Choose a Team

Sports have always been a way to bring people together. If you’ve ever attended a college or professional game, you know how electrifying the energy becomes when your team is winning. People come to the game and set by strangers, but by the time the game ends, they’ve created a bond. Kansas City is home to numerous professional sports teams covering an array of sports. Whether you’re into football, baseball, soccer, or rugby, you can find your fanbase at several sporting events throughout the city.

1. Charity Tailgate Parties

The Kansas City Chiefs is the home team for the National Football League. They allow organizations to host tailgate parties to raise awareness about their organizations. You can join in by signing up for volunteer opportunities. For example, during the 2021 season, local chef Teddy Liberia, owner-pitmaster of Buck Tui BBQ, hosted the Holiday BBQ for Hope tailgate fundraiser at a Chief’s game. Events like this one provide resources to the community and allow residents to give back via community services. The event also provides social events to bring people together.

2. Royals Charities

The Kansas City Royals baseball team has six major events that offer volunteer opportunities for residents. These Royal Charities events have something for everyone. Check out these events for people looking to connect with other volunteers or get involved with the Kansas City community.
  • 5K & 10K Run/Walk
  • Celebrity Golf Tournament
  • Diamond of Dreams Gala
  • Royals Alumni Fantasy Camp
  • Queens of the Diamond
If you can’t get out and support these causes, the Royals also host an online event called the Broadcast Auction.

Lend Your Opinions and Expertise to Local Initiatives

The political climate in the U.S. is fully charged as the country debates trending topics. Lending your expertise to grassroots organizations is one way to get involved in the Kansas City Community. During election season, there are countless volunteer opportunities. Many social groups lend their support to initiatives and political parties.

1. Support Your Political Party

Educate others on initiatives impacting the community. Locate the political offices for the party you support. Ask about canvasing opportunities or how you can volunteer on election day.

2. KC BizPAC

KC BizPac is a nonpartisan organization created to present economic and business interests to local candidates running for office. Support your new community by getting involved in initiatives that directly impact citizens or change ordinances.

Cheers to New Beginnings!

It’s not hard to get involved in your Kansas City Community. You first need inspiration and then information. Your local Chamber of Commerce is a great place to find information about organizations and events. Do you have an upcoming move to or within the Kansas City area? Moving Proz is a professional residential and commercial moving company. When it’s time to make a move, call us for impeccable service and great rates. Click here for a free estimate.