The Best Neighborhoods and Schools for Families in Denver

February 22, 2022

Are you looking for the best neighborhoods in Denver? Did you know that Denver, CO, has a population of more than 760,000 and is still growing? If you plan on moving to Denver from another city or even another state, you might find the process challenging and overwhelming. One might argue that the hardest part is finding the perfect place to live, especially if you have a family.

Not only will you have to find the best neighborhoods, but you will also need to find the best schools in the area if you have children. Fortunately, we’ve already researched the best Denver neighborhoods and schools for you.

But before we dive into the various neighborhoods you might consider for your new life in Denver, let’s take a closer look at what it might be like living in Denver as well as a little bit about its history.

An Overview of Life in Denver, Colorado

There are many reasons to move to Denver, a city nicknamed the “Mile High” city due to the fact that its elevation is exactly a mile high. Besides its high elevation, Denver also boasts 300 days of sunlight per year.

If you love going outside and walking your kids to school or taking your dog for a walk, you’ll rarely have to check the weather forecast because the chances are that it will be a beautiful day.

Speaking of the great outdoors, Denver is full of parks and other areas where you can ride your bike outside, and there are plenty of places to go hiking or have a picnic as well. After all, Denver lies at the very foot of the Rocky Mountains.

If you’re willing to drive outside of Denver, you find plenty of excuses to go skiing or snowboarding too. There are also plenty of activities, events, and locations you can explore if you’re not such a big fan of the outdoor lifestyle. More often than not, the Denver lifestyle and nightlife are two of the biggest attractions of the city.

New job opportunities at interesting companies are always popping up around Denver, so you’ll rarely struggle to find work. For that reason, Denver has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country. But the benefits of living in Denver don’t stop there.

Denver is also known for its hip restaurants and frequent family-friendly events that can liven up the city. Whether you want a high-class dinner to celebrate a special event or a quick trip to a tasty restaurant, Denver offers the culinary range you’re looking for.

Denver has everything a family needs, from schools and good food to parks and recreational activities. But what kind of history does this city have to offer?

A Brief History of Denver

It’s important for children (as well as adults) to pick up a few historical facts here and there, and what better way to pick up some history than the city you live in? After all, Denver is full of history considering it was an important location during the Gold Rush. Compared to the cities back in the East, Denver is actually a relatively new city and it wasn’t well populated until the late 1850s.

Most of the people that went through Denver at the time were those on the hunt for gold. Many of these gold prospectors stopped in Denver to search for gold in the area, and when they saw there wasn’t much, they continued on their way west. It was only in 1858 when someone discovered a gold deposit near Denver that things started to change.

This deposit of gold weighed several hundred grams and the news of it quickly spread. Soon, gold prospectors were no longer passing Denver by but instead heading straight for it for a chance to get their hands on some gold. The news of this Denver gold was so important that it attracted more than 100,000 gold hunters.

In 1862, those who lived in Denver were particularly excited about a new railway system being involved since the Pacific Railway Act had just been passed by the United States Congress. This railway system would give Denver the connection it needed to other parts of the country since, until that point, Denver was rather isolated and required a lot of time trekking across hard terrain to reach.

The railway also helped to modernize Denver, and it undoubtedly played a role in creating the Denver you see today. So, now that you know about Denver, let’s explore some of its best neighborhoods.


When it comes to moving your family to a safe place, you won’t have to worry much about crime when you move to Denver, especially in the Centennial neighborhood. As a matter of fact, the Centennial neighborhood is one of the safest in all of the Denver area. You might think that the only reason this neighborhood is so safe is that it must be in the middle of nowhere.

However, this is not at all the case. On the contrary, the Centennial neighborhood is full of fun things to do as well as very good schools for your children. The Centennial neighborhood is very close to the Cherry Creek State Park.

This park alone is a great reason to move to this neighborhood. The park is full of wetlands and prairies that surround a large reservoir. This reservoir is large enough that people often bring their paddleboats, sailboats, and other seafaring crafts to have a fun day on the water.

In the Centennial neighborhood, there are plenty of trails that wind about and can give you an excuse to walk around and take in some fresh air for a few hours. And, considering this neighborhood’s very low crime rate, you’ll always feel safe wherever you walk in this area. The trails also give you a chance to bring your whole family out for an invigorating walk and explore the neighborhood.

This neighborhood is around 30 square miles and includes the lively Streets at SouthGlenn. This area is always bustling due to its movie theater, boutique shops, and plenty of unique restaurants. One of the biggest benefits of the Centennial neighborhood is that you’ll never feel cramped.

There’s always plenty of space to move around and you’re very close to the city center.

Living in Centennial and the Centennial School System

If living in the Centennial neighborhood sounds like a good idea to you, you might be wondering what you should expect from the housing and school situations. The first thing you should know is that, even though this neighborhood is only 30 square miles, it is filled with very diverse housing options. Because of this, there is a home that can fit almost any budget.

For example, there are plenty of condos that you can check out if you’re on a tight budget. Even the smallest of condos are still roomy, modern, and fresh. This is not to mention that they are very close to parks, restaurants, and activities.

If you have a large family or plan on expanding your family, you might want to opt for a larger place to live. Fortunately, there are plenty of big homes to choose from, although you should keep in mind that you will need to face a larger price tag as well. Depending on what kind of housing options you are looking at, the price of a home can vary drastically.

With that in mind, the average house price is $449,000. But considering that the Centennial neighborhood is calm, safe, and lively all that the same time, the price is often worth it. As for Denver schools, you will find both the Cherry Creek School District and Littleton Public Schools within the Centennial neighborhood.

Out of the entire state of Colorado, these schools, both high school and elementary, often provide some of the highest test scores. So, if you want to make sure that your kids get a great education, the Centennial neighborhood might be the best place you can move to. This is not to mention your kids can admire Centennial’s scenery on their way to school every day.

Greenwood Village

If you’re on the lookout for great neighborhoods for families, you won’t have to look much further than the Greenwood Village neighborhood. Once upon a time, Greenwood Village was full of farmland, cattle, and prairies. Today, it has been built up into a very peaceful and prestigious suburb of Denver.

If you don’t like the idea of living in the big city, Greenwood Village might be the ideal place for you. You are still near to the hustle and bustle of downtown Denver if you ever want to drop in for a visit, but not too close that the city life might interfere. In this suburban neighborhood, you will find that there is plenty of space to spread your wings and live a fulfilling life.

One of the benefits of Greenwood Village is that it still holds onto some of the more rural flavors of its past. While the farmland that used to fill this neighborhood is long gone, Greenwood Village is still one with nature. Wherever you go in this neighborhood, you will find plenty of greenery and space.

As with the Centennial neighborhood, Greenwood Village is filled with parks and trails. If you like spending time outside, there are plenty of excuses to do so.

You might expect such a neighborhood to feel a bit isolated and lacking in neighbors. However, in Greenwood Village, you will find the opposite. This neighborhood is filled with friendly neighbors that together make up a strong community.

There is also no shortage of work in this area, despite its rural nature. This is because within this neighborhood exists the Denver Tech Center, which is filled with the offices of various companies. Because of this tech center, Greenwood Village is the optimal area to live for both young professionals and families alike.

Living in Greenwood Village and the School System

Greenwood Village might sound great if you love nature as well as some peace and quiet. But what should you expect to spend on housing and what kind of school systems are there? The first thing you should know is that Greenwood Village is one of the more expensive locations in Denver.

But don’t let the idea of a steep price steer you away from living in this luxurious area. This neighborhood is one of the few areas that can mix rural life with city life. The commute to Denver’s downtown area is short, and by the time you’re done with work, you can retreat back to the peaceful atmosphere of Greenwood Village.

The housing options in this area tend to vary quite a lot both in terms of type and price. You can find small condos and homes as well as huge ranches with horse barns and more. Of course, what kind of home you can buy in Greenwood Village will depend on your budget, but every option in this area is high-end and attractive.

The average home value in this area tends to hover around $900k. If you have a good job nearby and love the idea of a safe, peaceful suburb, there’s no doubting that the price is worth it. But what about the school system?

Both the Cherry Creek School District and Littleton Public Schools exist within this area as they do in the Centennial neighborhood. There are also the Greenwood Elementary Schools, Belleview Elementary School, and Campus Middle School for a bit more variety.

As with the Centennial neighborhood, Greenwood Village also boasts plenty of parks, including the very scenic Marjorie Perry Nature Preserve. There are also plenty of events for children throughout the year, so your family will never be bored.

Washington Park

The Washington Park neighborhood is often referred to as “Wash” Park by the locals. Many Denver families live in this area for a variety of reasons. One of the biggest reasons is likely because out of all the safe neighborhoods in Denver, it remains high on the list.

It is only five miles from downtown Denver, so if you ever feel like exploring the city center on a whim, there’s nothing stopping you except for a short trip. Washington Park is the perfect picture of the American dream. It is a neighborhood filled with cozy fences in the front yard, clipped lawns, and long streets lined with trees.

The biggest attraction in this neighborhood is what the neighborhood is named after: the Washington Park. This park is 155 acres and full of trails, lakes, rivers, gardens full of flowers, and more. If you and your family love being around nature, Washington Park may be your perfect place to call home in Denver.

This park is quite old and was created sometime in the 1890s. The gardens within the park are modeled after the same gardens that George Washington himself had at his home in Mount Vernon. The two lakes in the park also offer plenty of opportunities to bring out a paddle boat and spend the day on the water.

In this neighborhood, you will always find a place to have a picnic, go for a run, or simply lay down in the grass and relax for an hour or two. But there is more to Washington Park than nature alone. Nearby on the South Pearl and South Gaylord streets, there are plenty of restaurants and even art galleries that you can visit. But the benefits of this unique neighborhood don’t stop there.

Living in Washington Park and the School System

You will find incredible variety when it comes to your housing options in Washington Park. Since it is quite an old neighborhood, you will have no trouble finding historical homes. On the other hand, since all of Denver likes to keep itself modern, you will also find plenty of sleek and modern homes in this area.

For that reason, there is a home style for every taste in Washington Park. Some of the homes in this neighborhood are so large and luxurious that they could even be considered pieces of art. You should keep in mind that, much like Greenwood Village, the price range for homes in Washington Park tends to be on the high end.

The average home price for Washington Park is around $800,000, which makes it slightly cheaper than Greenwood Village but considerably more expensive than the Centennial neighborhood. If you really want to live in Washington Park but are worried about what your budget can tolerate, having a local real estate agent show you around might be the best option.

Despite the high housing price in this neighborhood, it still might be ideal for your children considering that some very successful schools exist in this area. Some schools in Washington Park include the Steele Elementary School, St. John’s Church & School, and the Washington Park United Methodist School. In particular, the East High School is among the top 10 schools in all of Colorado.

There are also plenty of options in Washington Park if you like to shop. This neighborhood is stuffed with clothing stores, music stores, art stores, and more.

If you love the arts as much as nature, Washington Park may be the home you need. And, if you want to try something without the kids, there’s always the Denver Beer Trail.


The Littleton neighborhood is located in the southwest area of Denver. Despite its name, Littleton has plenty to offer. It is actually one of the most favored neighborhoods for families in all of Denver for a variety of reasons.

If you like the quaint, small-town feel, Littleton offers exactly that. Despite being so close to downtown Denver, Littleton is still somehow able to provide a very intimate and small-town atmosphere.

Without all the hustle and bustle of the city, Littleton offers a more mellow and relaxed atmosphere. But this in no way means that Littleton is a boring neighborhood. On the contrary, there are plenty of things to do in Littleton that will get the whole family excited.

There are also plenty of children in this neighborhood, so your kids will always have someone to play and talk with. Since Littleton is so family-friendly, you will find that your neighbors in this area are especially warm and inviting. More than that, your family will have no problem fitting in with the other families in Littleton.

This is not to mention that Littleton is yet another very safe neighborhood in Denver. You’ll always feel comfortable walking along the sidewalks in Littleton. And, because the community in Littleton is so tight-knit, neighbors will always look out for each other.

Littleton is about 12 miles away from downtown Denver. For that reason, the noises and nightlife of the center of Denver will never bother you during the day or night. Better than that, 12 miles is still a very short commute to work if you managed to bag a job in the center of Denver.

And, if you don’t have a car or don’t feel like driving, you can use the RTD light rail. This rail can take you throughout the city.

Living in Littleton and the School System

Most people who live in Littleton are homeowners. For that reason, many of the residents of Littleton plan on staying there for a long time in the future. After all, Littleton is the perfect place to raise a family, so why shouldn’t you consider it?

As with the other neighborhoods in Denver, the Littleton neighborhood offers plenty of options in terms of housing. However, compared to other neighborhoods, the houses in Littleton are more suited for average families (although there are still some very stylish houses to choose from). For that reason, the housing options in Littleton tend to be more affordable than homes in other neighborhoods.

The average price for a house in Littleton is around $440,000. This price is more similar to the house prices in the Centennial neighborhood and considerably cheaper than the more prestigious Washington Park and Greenwood Village neighborhoods. Certain condos or apartments may be even cheaper than this.

As with the housing options, there are also options when it comes to the Littleton school system. Among the schools you can consider for your children are the Highland Elementary School, Mackintosh Academy, and the Littleton Academy. While the elementary schools alone are quite high-end, the high schools in Littleton are known for being among the best in the entire United States.

There are also plenty of things you can do together as a family in Littleton, such as visiting the Littleton Historical Museum. This museum can guide you through the neighborhood’s unique history, including its part during the Gold Rush. There is also the Hudson Garden.

The Hudson Garden is a great place to get involved in events whether they’re scientific, cultural, or musical. This is not to mention the hundreds of shops and restaurants that you can explore and eat at.

South Park Hill

South Park Hill is certainly the ideal neighborhood if you and your family love artisan food and goods. This neighborhood is filled with amazing eateries from modern restaurants to high-end wineries. There are also plenty of boutique shops filled with unique knick-knacks that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

Among those boutique shops are clothing shops where you can spend the day shopping for all of your favorite items. Many of these shops are clustered close together, so once you finish exploring one shop, you can always hurry on to the next to see what it has to offer. But if shopping isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other things to do and see in South Park Hill.

As with the other neighborhoods surrounding downtown Denver, South Park Hill exists among nature. Its streets are delicately shaded with trees on either side, the lawns are mowed, and there are plenty of trails and sidewalks to run or ride your bike on. There is also plenty of park space that you can use to spend time with your children after school or work.

For the kids, one of the biggest attractions of this neighborhood is sure to be the Denver Zoo. Founded in 1896, this zoo has long been loved by the residents of South Park Hill along with those from other Denver neighborhoods. The zoo offers exotic animals such as giraffes and lions that your kids are sure to be enthralled by.

On occasion, you can go out as a family to watch educational zoo events and eat food you won’t be able to find anywhere else. After a trip to the zoo, you’re still likely to find all sorts of interesting events taking place at the historic City Park.

Living in South Park Hill and the School System

So, you now know that there’s no shortage of things to do in South Park Hill, but what should you expect when you buy a home here? South Park Hill is not as luxurious and pricy as other neighborhoods in Denver such as Washington Park or Greenwood Village. However, it also isn’t as cheap as the Centennial neighborhood or Littleton.

Instead, South Park Hill rests more or less in the middle of these different neighborhoods in terms of price. The average home price for this neighborhood is around $670,000. The homes in South Park Hill tend to be older than in other neighborhoods, but this shouldn’t make you worried.

Many of these older homes have been remodeled so they feel completely new. There are also some older homes that hold onto their history, which can be exciting if you’re a history buff. There are many different types of homes you can buy, from condos to huge and luxurious homes.

If you’re on a tight budget, a condo might be your best bet to save some money. But if you have a more flexible budget, why not look for one of South Park Hill’s more decorative and historic homes? People of all ages pick South Park Hill to live, from those who have just retired to those who are just starting out in their careers.

As for the school system, you won’t have to worry about your child not getting a quality education. This is because the high schools in this area are some of the best you’ll ever be able to find in all of Colorado.

This is not to mention that there are plenty of other families with children in South Park Hill. So, your children will never feel lonely, as they will quickly make new friends.


Wellshire might be one of the most family-friendly Denver neighborhoods that you’ll find on this list. Wellshire is full of families with children of all ages. More often than not, you will find children riding their bikes or skateboarding down the trails and baths that weaves throughout this neighborhood.

And, since Colorado has so many warm and sunny days, children have no excuse not to go outside and get some fresh air. This neighborhood boasts a very tight-knit community. This is one of the reasons why Wellshire has such a low crime rate, being one of the safest neighborhoods in all of Denver.

So, you won’t have to worry too much about leaving your children alone to play outside for a few minutes. The neighbors in Wellshire all look after each other and, of course, look out for the safety of the kids. Most people who live in Wellshire are educated (having at least a bachelor’s degree) and most are homeowners rather than renters.

There are not very many rental units in Wellshire, which can be a downside for some and a benefit to others. If you are looking to settle down in Wellshire for the long term, there’s no need to worry about the availability of rental units. There is also no shortage of things to do in this neighborhood.

One of the neighborhood’s biggest attractions is the Wellshire Golf Course. If you love golf, Wellshire’s golf course offers a country club atmosphere that you’re sure to love. It is an 18-hole regulation public golf course, and it offers surprisingly affordable prices.

Even if you don’t know how to golf as of right now, there’s nothing stopping you from learning once you move to Wellshire. After all, a day on the green can be very relaxing and rewarding.

Living in Wellshire and the School System

Now that you know all about what kind of things you can do in Wellshire, it’s time to consider the details, most notably the housing prices. Unfortunately, due to the higher price of living in this area, Wellshire might not be for everyone. The average house price in Wellshire hovers around $750,000.

While this is cheaper than the more prestigious neighborhoods like Greenwood Village, the price of living in Wellshire may not be feasible for everyone’s budget. However, if your budget might be able to accommodate the Wellshire price of living, there’s nothing stopping you from moving into the neighborhood.

There are plenty of homes you can choose from. You will likely notice an abundance of ranch-style homes, especially in the older parts of the neighborhood. These homes are large and very stylish, but because of these factors and because many of them are historical, they tend to cost more than other types of houses.

Of course, if you really love ranch-style homes, the price shouldn’t deter you too much. If you are on a tight budget, there are also more modern homes made of bricks and stucco in the newer parts of the neighborhood. These homes may be cheaper, depending on their size and location.

As for the school system, Wellshire’s Slavens K-8 School is full of A+ students. So, you won’t have to worry about what kind of quality of education your child might be getting at school.

The only downside of living in Wellshire is that there are not as many options for restaurants as in other neighborhoods. However, while you may need to drive for a bit to find a restaurant, this setup offers Wellshire a kind of quiet and peace that few neighborhoods can attain.


When most people think of Berkeley, they think of the one in California instead of the one in Colorado. While the Berkeley of California may be more well-known, that does not mean that Denver’s very own Berkeley isn’t full of restaurants, parks, and exciting things to do. Denver’s Berkeley neighborhood is one of the safest neighborhoods in the area, and it is also one of the most trendy.

The streets are very walkable, even at night. This neighborhood is home to Berkeley Lake Park, which, as you might have guessed, has a very impressive lake. Many people love to spend the weekend at this park since you can easily spend the whole day fishing or going around in your kayak or paddleboat.

The park also has a tennis court if you want to get your heart racing. The Berkeley Lake Park is also ideal if you have dogs. This is because the park is full of various trails that you can take your dog on until you are exhausted.

There is also Rocky Mountain Lake Park, which has a lake as well. But in addition to that lake, there is a playground that your kids will have a blast playing on. The playground is also a great place for other kids in the neighborhood to come together and make friends.

If you and your family love sports, you will be delighted to know that the Rocky Mountain Lake Park not only has a baseball field but softball and football fields as well.

So, whatever sport you feel like playing on a certain day, there would be nothing stopping you from getting down to business at the park. Speaking of the Rocky Mountains, you could easily take a day trip to see them on the I-70.

Living in Berkeley and the School System

The Berkeley neighborhood may sound like a delight for those who enjoy sports and the great outdoors. But what is the housing situation like, and how is the school system? The first thing you should know is that Berkeley is filled with very attractive Tudor homes as well as plenty of other stylish homes.

There are also plenty of duplexes and townhomes in more modern styles. The average house price in this neighborhood is around $651,844. So, Berkeley is not too expensive but not too cheap either.

Usually, the more modern homes are cheaper than the more historic homes. However, the price of homes can vary according to a variety of factors.

If you can afford it, Berkeley can be the ideal place to grow your family. This is especially true if you have one or more furry friends since there are a dozen dog parks in the area. The schools, as with the schools of other Denver neighborhoods, are high-end.

More than that, the neighborhood is filled with delicious restaurants. Whether you love BBQ or vegetarian cuisine, the restaurants in Berkeley will have something you will love. This is not to mention that there are some to-die-for pizza and donut shops that you shouldn’t miss.

There are also plenty of clothing shops that you can explore, including clothing shops for children and babies. The only downside of Berkeley is that it is a little far from downtown Denver. However, if you don’t mind a bit of a longer drive, then it shouldn’t bother you at all.


Everything You Need to Know About the Best Neighborhoods in Denver

If you were wondering whether or not you should move to Denver, you should now know that Denver is one of the best places you can move to. Some of the best neighborhoods in Denver boast safety, great schools, and plenty of exciting things to do as a family.

If you can’t wait to move to Denver, don’t hesitate to contact us here.