Why Fall is the Best Time to Move to Kansas City

September 30, 2020

Ah, fall. There’s nothing quite like it. The dog days of summer are over and the cooler months are headed your way. Pumpkins, hay bales, and Halloween are all hallmarks of the autumn season, which also happens to be a great time to move. And if you’re considering a move to Kansas City, even better! Of course, any season is a great one to move to Kansas City, home to 492,000 and largest city in the state of Missouri. As the most populated community and historic core city of the KC metro area, Kansas City has a lot to offer residents young and old. It’s a wise choice moving here, especially when you have a residential or commercial mover behind you. cottage with brown roof and white paint So, why is fall such a good time to move here when most people assume spring/summer is? In a nutshell:
  • You can avoid scheduling your move at the busiest time of year (May through September). In fall, most movers aren’t as busy, making it much less stressful on you and them.
  • Severe weather season has passed. If you live in the Midwest, you know that spring and summer are pretty volatile in terms of thunderstorms, flash flooding and tornadoes. The fall season is calmer, so you are able to move your household belongings without worrying about being caught in a severe storm. By moving in fall and not in winter, for example, you can avoid the snow, sleet, and ice that Kansas City is known for.
  • It’s more comfortable to do heavy lifting and hauling in the crisp, cool, fresh air of autumn.
Let’s go into more detail on the reasons why fall is an excellent time to move in KC.

Lower Off-Season Rates

You will pay less to move in colder months because movers typically charge lower off-season rates. You will pay a premium when moving in spring and summer, because most people prefer to move in the mild weather and when their kids are out of school. They reason that it’s more disruptive to move mid-year, and that’s understandable. However, if you want to save some cash, wait till late September or October. Even late August and early September will be pricey because that’s when the college kids head back to campus. Nearly 80 percent of moves occur between April and early September, which means fall is considered the off-season for most moving companies, says My Move.

Movers Prefer to Work in Cooler Months

Movers are busy people. They lift and haul heavy things up and down stairs, pack up all your stuff and stack it inside a hot truck. The last thing they want to be doing in the height of the summer is moving heavy things, especially when temps hit 100 degrees or more. As a result, movers would rather work in fall because it’s more comfortable weather-wise. They’re also more likely to give you a break on price if you consider moving your move date from summer to fall, when the temps are more tolerable. kansas city at night


Tens of millions of Americans move every year, whether to the next city over or all the way across the country. In fact, each year, 40 million Americans (or 14 percent of the U.S. population) move at least once. They’re not just moving to homes, they’re moving to apartments, too. One-third of renters move each year. Fall and winter give you a greater chance of the weather getting in the way of your moving plan, though, especially if you’re moving to Kansas City from another cold weather area such as New England. As you know, Mother Nature waits for no one. But in the fall and winter, your movers are more likely to be sensitive to weather snafus and will accommodate you if something comes up.


Moving in fall is prime time for getting out and exploring your new city and neighborhood, with so many festive holidays coming up that bring people together. From Halloween and Thanksgiving to the December holiday season, there are plenty of things that unify communities and bring everyone together in a festive spirit. In conclusion, a fall move to Kansas City will save you money, time, stress and hassle. Who can’t use some help in that regard? We make it easy to move any time of the year, including autumn. Find out why today.

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