What to Know Before Moving to Overland Park

Thinking about moving to Overland Park? With 191,000 residents, Overland Park KS is the second most populous city in the state, plus it happens to be one of the youngest as well. Ranked 7th on the list of “Best Places

10 Things to Love About Overland Park, Kansas

Hoping to visit or move to Overland Park, Kansas? Overland Park is the second-most popular city in Kansas, home to over 189,000 people, so if you’re moving to Kansas, Overland Park is a great choice! Here’s a list of the top

How to Protect Fragile Items When Moving

Moving small items like boxes and clothing is easy compared with the arduous task of moving fragile furniture and pianos. If you don’t protect these items properly, they can be damaged, not to mention, your walls and floors can suffer

How To Find The Best Piano Movers In Kansas City

About one out of every 3,788 families in the United States owns a piano. While owning a piano isn’t as common as it used to be, there are still hundreds of thousands of pianos in homes nationwide. Since pianos are large and can weigh