8 Tips For Moving When You’re Pregnant in Kansas City

April 15, 2022

So you’re pregnant and facing a move in Kansas City at the same time? Congratulations on this joyous time in your life, but we understand the added stress this can pose on your relocation. You’re likely feeling tired, overwhelmed, and a bit stressed out – especially if you already have other small children to look after. Take care of yourself, and everything else will fall into line. Here are some proven tips for moving when you’re pregnant in Kansas City, home to 486,000 and known for its barbecue, jazz heritage and fountains.

1.    Talk to Your Doctor

Before you start packing and moving boxes around, you should visit your doctor and let them know what you’re facing. He or she will let you know if it’s safe, and what level of work you should be doing to prepare for the move, says Parents. Your doctor may advise you to sit back and let others take care of the move if you suffer from any complications such as an increased risk of pre-term labor. In general, pregnant women should not lift anything that is heavier than 18 pounds when they’re under 20 weeks, and 13 pounds if more than 20 weeks. If you are moving to a new city far away and need a new doctor, start your research now so you can have one in place by the time you arrive. Transfer your medical records over so the office has them well in advance. You will need a doctor you can trust from the get-go so you can be monitored for progress. Research the hospital your new doctor is affiliated with as well.

2.    Get Help

Even though you may be used to handling all the hard work and details, this is not the time to overdo it. Don’t be proud and shun help. Instead, accept it wherever you can get it. It’s not just moving day where you will need help. It’s all the days leading up to it where you will need assistance with packing. Because you’re pregnant, you shouldn’t be staying up till all hours packing, arranging heavy boxes, and moving furniture around. You will need plenty of help from friends and family before the move. And of course, you should hire a trusted moving company for all the heavy stuff and logistics. You’ll also want to hire cleaners who can make sure the old home is spotless for the new owners, and that the new house is clean and ready for you to move in.

3.    Be Safe When Lifting and Bending

Did you know you are at more risk of hurting yourself when pregnant due to the higher levels of  relaxin, a hormone that loosens up your ligaments in anticipation of labor? Coupled with your weight gain and postural changes, you’re at a higher risk of straining your back or experiencing carpal tunnel pain. If you insist on packing and lifting, you need to do it the right way. Don’t bend your spine or your lower back. You can pull a lower back muscle or slip a disc. It’s best to go with the hip hinge technique:
  • Straddle the box
  • Bend your knees and hips with a straight back
  • Hold the box close to your body
  • Lift with your legs
Also, it’s a good idea to move smaller things with more frequency rather than trying to move a lot at once. Use a support belt and carpal tunnel wrist splints to stabilize yourself, and wear supportive shoes to absorb shock. You’ll be on your feet a lot during a move, so make sure you’re comfortable.

4.    Pack Early

Start the packing process early so you can do things on your own time table. This will give you a buffer zone to take days off here and there for doctor appointments or to rest when you’re just not feeling well. Rushing at the last moment will only serve to stress you out and make you feel like you have to double-time it in order to make a deadline. Take frequent breaks, about every half hour. Walk around, sit down and have a snack, and do some stretches. This will help you avoid swelling of your extremities and keep your heart pumping. Why not take a side trip to visit the Kansas City Zoo, the American Jazz Museum or the Arabia Steamboat Museum?

5.    Declutter the Home

Moving stuff that’s broken or that you no longer want is an effort in futility. No need to spend money on movers to transport boxes of belongings that you don’t need. Instead, declutter each room before you pack it up. This will save you a lot of hassle and money in the end. You can donate stuff in good condition, sell some stuff, or just trash things that are broken or stained.

6.    Create Lists and Timelines

We’ve all heard of pregnancy brain, and how it can cloud your mind and make your forget things. It’s easy to lose track of all the tasks you need to tackle before moving day, so it’s wise to create to-do lists and timelines to stay organized. This way, you don’t forget to have the pet’s vet records transferred or set up Internet in the new place.

7.    Pack a Kit For Moving Day

Pack a bag for moving day and perhaps the first day in the new home so you don’t have to scramble. Pack a blanket or pillow to sit on and rest, as well as healthy snacks and beverages that can keep your energy up. You will also need an overnight bag complete with pajamas, clothing for the next day, prenatal vitamins, toiletries, toilet paper and a phone charger.

8.    Take Care on the Stairs

Falling is common with pregnant women, and it’s all thanks to your shifting center of gravity. Be careful when carrying boxes around, especially when going up and down stairs. Hold onto the railing when you can, and wear supportive shoes.

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