3 Things to do as Soon as You Buy a New House

November 7, 2014

What should you do as soon as you buy a new house? Should you move in right away?

The biggest mistake one could make is to move into a new house as soon as they purchase it. This is a new empty house, which gives you the opportunity to make changes. It would be hard to make these changes later when the house gets filled in with furniture, people and other items. So as soon as you buy a new house, take the steps listed below, instead of moving in right away…

1. Get things fixed:

One of the things you need to do before you buy a new house is to have a look at all the repairs it needs and how much it would cost to fix them as this will help you decide the best price for the house. Now after you buy your house you need to get right to fixing. As the house is free of your items it will be easy for you or the repairmen to fix the errors. It will also make it easy for you to clear up the mess of these efforts.

This is the perfect time to get the house painted too, especially if you don’t like the color or if it hasn’t been painted in a while. You can also get things like your boiler, furnace, HVAC unit, furnace, etc. serviced.

2. Add new things:

Are you thinking about tearing a wall down? Would you like to add some new chandeliers? This is a great time to take these steps too. The best thing to do is to hire an interior designer who can take a look at your house and listen to your ideas and offer you suggestions. Make these changes right away before you move in.

3. Subscribe to utilities:

Subscribe to utilities like electricity, gas, phone, internet and cable as soon as you purchase your house so that you can use them right after you move in. You won’t need to wait for ages to have them installed.

The above steps can only be taken if you plan ahead and buy a new house in advance. So plan early and purchase it weeks before you move in.

Are there are any other things you should do as soon as you buy a new house? Please leave your comments below.

Image credit: tpsdave (1) and GregoryButler (2)