Companies to Work For in the Denver Area

Moving to Denver to find more job opportunities and advance your career? You couldn’t have picked a better city, as Denver is home to hundreds of thriving companies, from startups to Fortune 500s. In fact, Denver is one of the best places in the country to start a business. If you’re an entrepreneur, you’re in luck. Denver ranked #10 best of large cities in America to start a business, according to the Denver Business Journal.

Factors taken into account included five-year business survival rate, business environment, business costs and access to resources. But even if you just want to work for one of the big guys and aren’t ready to create your own mark on the business world, Denver is the place to be.

If a move to Denver is in your future but you want to know what kind of companies call this place home, keep reading. Soon, you’ll need a business mover who knows Denver inside and out, but for now, let’s go over the best companies to work for in this city home to 705,000.

Check out Denver’s Top Workplaces for 2021, as reported by Top Work Places:

Pinnacol Assurance

With 650 employees, this Denver-based company provides workers’ compensation protection to Colorado employers and employees. They are known for their fast claims support, convenient online tools, and vast understanding of their industry.

Ibotta, Inc.

This technology company provides customers with the tools to simplify their daily lives. With 560 employees, Ibotta offers a mobile experience that replaces coupons with game-like interactions for rebates redeemable at all major retailers, as well as real cash rewards.

Rose Medical Center

This Denver institution located on 9th Avenue has been in business for more than 70 years, employing 1200 employees at last count. Dubbed “Denver’s Baby Hospital,” Rose Medical Center is also a leader in women’s health, surgical and endoscopy services, spine and orthopedics surgery, total joint replacement, heart and vascular, bariatrics, and sports medicine.

DSST Public Schools

With 800 employees, DSST Public Schools has transformed urban public education through the elimination of educational inequity and a dedication to preparing students for success in college and beyond. It is one of the leading open enrollment STEM schools in the country, with high performance and growth rates.

Mental Health Center of Denver

The Mental Health Center of Denver helps those impacted by mental illness, trauma, and substance abuse disorders recover and live their best lives. Its outpatient and community-based programs provide treatment backed by a foundation of safe, affordable housing, access to quality care, education and employment, and access to transportation and resources within the community.

Colorado Coalition For The Homeless

The Coalition works toward the prevention of homelessness by coming up with solutions for
at-risk families and individuals throughout the state of Colorado. A national leader in integrated housing, health care, support and services, the Coalition employs 700 employees.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the Fortune 500 companies that call Denver home. Ten of the top 500 companies are based in Colorado.

  1. Arrow Electronics (#102): revenue of $28 billion, wholesalers of electronics and office equipment, with headquarters in Centennial
  2. DISH Network (#197): revenue $15 billion, telecommunications leader, with headquarters in Englewood.
  3. Qurate Retail (#216): revenue $14 billion, headquarters in Englewood, Internet services and retail industry
  4. Ball (#260): revenue $11 billion, packaging and container industry, headquarters in Westminster.
  5. VF (#263) revenue: $11 billion, Denver headquarters, apparel industry
  6. DaVita (#271) revenue: $11 billion, Denver headquarters, health care facilities industry
  7. Newmont (#273) revenue: $11 billion, mining, crude oil production industry, Denver headquarters
  8. Liberty Media (#326) revenue: $9 billion, entertainment industry, Englewood headquarters
  9. DCP Midstream (#442) revenue: $6 billion, pipeline industry, Denver headquarters
  10. Ovintiv (#458) revenue: $6 billion, mining and crude oil industry, Denver headquarters

Best Small Businesses to Work For in Colorado

If you prefer to work for a smaller business, there are plenty of those too. According to Builtin Co, here are the best small companies to work for in Colorado.


Founded in 2017, Bonusly provides solutions for creating high-performance, high-engagement teams. Located in Boulder, there are about 70 employees working here as of now.

Vivian Health

Vivian Health, founded in 2017, is home to just 20 employees but has a vision of empowering every healthcare professional to quickly and easily find their ideal job opportunity. It’s located in Denver.


Also located in Denver, CirrusMD is the country’s leading virtual care platform, providing a chat first, multi-modal, data-driven platform that allows for high touch, personalized healthcare for all. It has just under 60 employees.

This is a fast-growing domain registrar in Denver that helps people around the world find domain names and hosting so they can create a stunning website.


This is a non-custodial crypto platform dedicated to making the world of digital finance easier and more secure. It was founded in 2014, and ShapeShift employs about 60 people.


This is a data-driven solution designed to digitalize financial transactions and provide business intelligence to operators. ENGAGE was founded in 2016 and is located in Denver.


This enterprise-grade mortgage automation and point-of-sale system company, located in Boulder, streamlines the lending process through secure communications and document management portals. It has 50 employees and was founded in 2013.

PCG Systems

This Denver-based technology company specializes in end-to-end managed IT services, as well as IT support and consulting, digital marketing, SEO and website design. It was founded in 2010 and employs just 15 people.

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