Your How-To Guide for Moving Clothes on Hangers, Shoes and More

September 10, 2019

Packing up your closet is never a fun prospect, but it’s an inevitable part of the moving process.  If you’re preparing to move clothes on hangers, shoes and accessories, remember that there is a right way and a wrong way to pack them. You should wash, fold and pack items in the right materials rather than just throwing them into boxes.

Here are some tips to successfully moving your closet.

Clothes on Hangers

  1. Buy wardrobe boxes for high-end clothes

Nice clothing deserves to be packed in wardrobe boxes. These are basically small, portable closets designed to hang your clothing for transport. Sizes vary, but most wardrobe boxes measure two feet wide and three feet long. They come with a built-in metal bar that you can hang clothing on for a wrinkle-free relocation. They can get expensive, though, so only reserve these for your best work clothes and evening wear.

  1. Use Trash bags for other clothing

The cheaper method involves simple drawstring trash bags. Bundle your hangers and clothes together, place the clothing inside the trash bag, tighten the drawstrings around the hooks, then tie closed. The hooks should be the only thing sticking out. Pile each bundle neatly one on top of the other.

Clothes in Boxes

  1. Wash clothing and underwear

Wash all undergarments, t-shirts, workout gear and jeans first, then fold and place in a box when moving. Packing dirty or damp clothes in a sealed box for days on end is never a good idea. They will start to stink and even introduce a mildew problem. Clean and thoroughly dry all casual clothing before packing.

  1. Line boxes

In order to protect folded clothes, you should line boxes with packing paper or plastic wrap.

Moving Shoes

  1. Pack shoes in original boxes and bags

If you have kept some or all of your original shoe boxes, place your shoes back in those for transport. Drawstring shoe bags are another alternative and they are pretty affordable.

  1. Wrap with packing paper

Before putting the shoes inside boxes or bags, wrap them with packing paper. You can even stuff the inside of the shoe with packing paper so it retains its shape.

Other Tips

  1. Pack your suitcases

To maximize space, use your suitcases to pack your clothing and accessories. To make the most of the space inside your suitcase, and to keep wrinkles at bay, roll your clothing before packing.

  1. Use clear plastic bins

Pack your shoes and accessories inside clear plastic bins to keep them contained and to help you easily identify what’s in them. Plus, they are waterproof and will protect your items from damage.

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