Why Should Your Business Hire a Professional Mover in KC?

February 3, 2021

Moving Proz explains why should you hire a professional mover in KC and how it will make your move much less stressful. Kansas City is a hub for business. In fact, KC ranks in the top 50 cities in the country to start a new business. If you’re looking to start up your own business in Kansas City, or relocate an existing one, your first step should be to hire commercial movers. This way, you’ll be freed up to concentrate on important aspects of your business during the transition, such as daily operations, employee management and payroll. Moving your office within a city with a population of 486,000 doesn’t have to be a daunting one, provided you have taken the necessary steps to prepare. Let your mover deal with the heavy lifting while you worry about logistics and notifying vendors. Here are the many reasons why your business should hire a professional mover in KC.

Less Stress on Employees

You may be tempted to put a select few employees in charge of the move, but this is a mistake. It’s not in their job description to move heavy items, coordinate moves and worry about what will fit in the new place. Sure, you can put them in charge of their own workstations and some organizational tasks, but for the bulk of the move, professionals should be your first call. Your employees are already stressed about the move. Don’t add to their stress by asking them to take over key transportation tasks. Your employees are your biggest asset, and they should be protected. You also don’t want to be liable if they get hurt lifting the conference table.

Less Liability

This leads us to our next point: liability. It’s not wise to put your workers in a position that compromises their safety. They should not be moving major appliances, desks, shelving units, computers or cubby walls for you. They could get hurt, and they may sue. At the very least, you will be facing a workman’s comp case and lose their productivity for weeks or months.

Safety of Equipment

Another of your biggest assets is your office equipment. You can’t afford for these key pieces to get damaged or lost. Commercial movers will bring the right protective supplies and equipment to get your tables, chairs, kitchen appliances, computers and cubby walls moved safely, with no risk of damage to the items themselves or to the surrounding area. Buy the extra insurance, and you’ll get peace of mind. Leave this up to your employees or yourself, and you risk expensive damage.

License and Insurance

Reputable commercial movers are licensed and insured, which means you won’t be liable for anyone who gets hurt on your property and they will stand behind any damage that occurs. This gives them extra incentive to protect your belongings throughout the process.

No Rentals Needed

If you don’t hire movers, you’ll be forced to rent all the necessary equipment to move your big items. From trucks to crates to other supplies, these costs can add up pretty quickly. Plus, you still have to do the work yourself. You’ll have to stick to the rental agreement, return the equipment as stated, and ensure no damage has occurred. That’s a lot to worry about when you’re already stressed over the move.

Cost Efficiency

Commercial movers ensure efficient transport and top-notch organization, says Business Partner Magazine. When things go quickly, you save money. When things are packed efficiently, you save money too because there are fewer trips involved. These quick turnaround times can mean the difference between being in your new office on time and being late, which will eat into your bottom line.

No Lost Items

When handling a move yourself, it’s very likely you will miss something in the process and end up with objects you can’t locate once in the new place. This is what happens when chaos abounds on moving day. It’s hard to keep track of everything on your own, especially when you’re farming out tasks to all your employees. Things can get misplaced – usually small things like chargers, phones and documents.

Fewer Business Disruptions

It’s inevitable that you will experience some kind of disruption to normal business operations. The key is to reduce those disruptions as much as possible to save you time and money. You can focus on conducting business while your hired movers handle all the other stuff: packing, lifting, loading and unloading. man in a suit while moving offices

Extra Services

When you think of hiring a business mover, you may just think of them moving boxes and equipment. But often times, movers go above and beyond and offer extra services that can be of great value to you as a KC business owner. They can pack your stuff for you, they can rearrange current office spaces in the most safe and efficient way, they can move heavy items during off hours to save you the disruption during 9 to 5…the possibilities are endless.

Experienced Movers and Drivers

You may not be thinking of the actual logistics of moving day, but rest assured, your commercial movers have the route all figured out beforehand. They know how to efficiently load the truck so as to take as few trips as possible, they know the shortcuts around the city, they know who to ask for permission to park their trucks at the loading dock, and they know which permits, if any, they have to secure. All of these details take time and hassle if you were to do them yourself. Do you know how to navigate a rental truck around the busy downtown area? Where do you park? Who will offload the stuff? As you can see, commercial movers pose a great benefit to business owners of all kinds.

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