What KC Business Owners Should Consider Before an Office Move

July 22, 2020

Moving Proz talks about what to consider before an office move. If you are planning an office move call Moving Proz.

Relocation is the next step for businesses that are growing and expanding. Or maybe you’re approaching the end of your current lease, or maybe you need to be in closer proximity to the majority of your clients. Whatever the case, if you need more office space in Kansas City, you need professional movers on your side who are experienced in all manner of corporate moves.

Locating the perfect office space for your business isn’t easy, but once you’ve settled on a new place, it’s time to hire those movers and make sure everything happens within a reasonable time frame. After all, it’s hard to make money or be productive when you and your employees are in flux.

Check out these tips to help you relocate your business in Kansas City, ranked as one of the top 50 places in the U.S. to start a new business.

1.    Search Leases Six Months Out

Offices require a lot of prep work, maintenance and installation work before hand to ensure it’s the right fit for your company. Jobs such as installation of phone lines and Internet, and setting up furniture and cubbies, all take a large amount of time. Start searching for affordable leases six months ahead of time.

2.    Packing and Moving: Make a Timeline

Coordination of a move can be challenging, what with all the expensive equipment and furniture you likely have. Assess your current layout and compare it with the new one. Figure out how you want things laid out in the new digs, which will determine your moving and packing budget. You’ll also want to create a timeline for renovation work that has to happen in the new place before you move your stuff in.

3.    Notify Employees

Tell all employees of the move as soon as possible, at least four to six months ahead of time. Schedule updates for the Internet and phone services, and take time to obtain the necessary permits, licenses and insurance policies.

4.    Determine What You’ll Keep

Moving is the perfect opportunity for a fresh start. You’ll need office furniture, supplies, and more. If it’s possible to buy things new once you move in, this is a good idea. Remember, the few items you have to move, the cheaper, faster and easier it will be. Think about whether or not your old office furniture will still work in the new digs.

5.    Allocate Resources

Hire professional movers early on in the process, especially to help with packing the delicate equipment and artwork, at least three months before the move. Ask your employees if they can take on some small tasks, like packing their own offices. At least one to three months before the move, book your movers. Hire a cleaning service so the old space will be move-in ready for the next tenant. You should also hire a cleaning service for your new office before you move everything in.

6.    Get Estimates

Get estimates from three licensed moving companies with experience in corporate relocations. Remember, office moves involve a lot of additional logistics, taking more time and energy to schedule, as opposed to, say, a one-bedroom apartment. If possible, meet with any prospective movers so you know what to expect, how long the process will take and how much it will all cost.

Choosing commercial movers is key, as they are well-equipped to facilitate a successful moving day, from acquiring certificates of insurance to reserving freight elevators.

7.    Notify Your Vendors

You should do this one to three months ahead of time. This way, you won’t miss out on anything important upon arrival. You’ll have to hit the ground running and any delays or disruptions in mail, Internet and phones will just get in the way. Your vendors will need time to make changes to your shipping and billing address. And if you need new furniture or signage, order it a couple of months beforehand so it arrives in plenty of time.

8.    Update Your Website, Letterhead and Business Cards

One to two weeks before moving, update your website. Update printed materials even sooner than that, such as letterhead, stationery and business cards.

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