Top Tips to Make Unpacking Easy

September 3, 2015

Are you wondering how much time and effort it is going to take you to unpack after a stressful move? Would you like some tips to make unpacking easy?

Packing and moving might seem like the only tasks associated with moving houses, but let me remind you that there is unpacking too. Unpacking usually requires a lot of effort because you need to do it after a long tiresome move.

You can simplify this task by reading the below tips on how to make unpacking easy…

Add labeled tags to your items:

A simple step that can help you avoid a lot of hassle while moving in is adding tags to your items and labeling them with the rooms you want the items to be placed in. This way the people moving the items will know where to place them. For e.g. a side table can have the words ‘master bedroom’ written on it. This item will be directly placed in the master bedroom. All of them won’t be dumped in one room so that you can drag them to their separate rooms later.

Have an unpacking system:

Get organized and have an unpacking system in place. The system could be that you unpack items in one room after another or you start with the basics like cooking equipment and beds and end with items you need least. The moving checklist you wrote down earlier will be useful again as it can help you get organized.

Carry all the tools you need:

While unpacking carry tools like knives, scissors, hammers, nails, drills and screwdrivers in a bag. This will prevent you from hunting for these tools every single time you need them.

Hire movers who offer unpacking:

Most movers don’t consider unpacking a part of moving. This is why it is taken for granted that you will do it by yourself. Some movers who care about you include it as part of their service. You need to specifically look for these movers and hire them if you want to save time and energy after your tiresome move. If you are wondering ‘where can I find such a mover’, you can stop thinking right now as we at Moving Proz offer it. Contact us now for more details.

These are our top tips to make unpacking easy. Follow them to simplify the complicated process of unpacking.

Image Credit: Ben+Sam