Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Move to Denver, CO

October 4, 2021

Did you know that Denver Colorado made the list of best places to live in the United States? The booming city got 14th place, followed by San Francisco and Madison.

And if you’re reading this article, odds are you’ve already considered the move to Denver, CO. But do you need some extra convincing? No worries, down below is a list of the 10 top reasons to move to Denver, CO!

1. Job Opportunities in Denver

One of the top reasons to move to Denver is the amazing economy. For starters, the average income in Denver is about $57,700. However, with the expected growth of the city, wages may increase.

The job market in Denver is amazing because of all the new sectors. For example, tech startups are popping up quickly with companies like HomeAdvisor and Google, creating an influx of job opportunities.

The food and agriculture industry is also booming. Companies like Nutrien and Leprino Foods are leading the way. This industry creates about $5 billion a year.

Not to mention, the wine and craft beer business has also seen a steady increase in production and sales. The hospitality sector is also booming with new hotels and restaurants in urgent need of customer care representatives. And many new concepts are opening up, so you’ll be sure to find a job in the culinary industry.

Oddly enough, the aerospace sector is also booming in this area. Companies like the Boeing Company and Raytheon are paving their way.

Denver also has a great starting wage for potential employers. That’s because companies are all wanting to plant their roots in this great city. So take advantage of these amazing opportunities while you still can.

2. Denver’s Recreational Activities

In 2012, Colorado legalized the use of recreational marijuana. Making them one of the first to pass this bill. Soon after, Washington and California followed.

Now Colorado has seen an enormous impact on both its economy and the overall quality of life. This sector also allowed many people to start their businesses. So if you’re looking to build a brand, Denver is a great place for that.

Lastly, Denver has an amazing array of recreational shops. And even if you’re not a fan of this activity, you can still enjoy the economic growth these shops supply.

3. The Scenery and Tranquil Lifestyle

So why move to Denver? Well for starters, name a city where you can go skiing one day, and then party at an exclusive nightclub the next night?

Denver is a beautiful city with great nightlife and a hustle and bustle mentality. But sometimes we need a break from the craziness so we can reconnect with ourselves. Thankfully, Denver CO has a mix of both nature and city life.

Downtown Denver is filled with amazing skyscrapers, restaurants, bars, and clubs. But you can also drive a few miles and see some pretty amazing mountains. Overall, this city has amazing scenery yet a city-like feeling.

4. Affordable Living and Great Neighborhoods

Denver has a mix of contemporary and modern neighborhoods. So if you’re looking for a mountainous area, trendy studios, suburban homes, or urban developments– Denver’s got you covered.

But let’s talk about it more in-depth. For starters, we have Stapleton. This neighborhood is fairly new and it was built on an old airport base. So how’s that for some characters?

The developments are close to the city but far enough away that they’re still affordable. Many young families reside in this area as it offers a lot of space and tranquility.

Next, we have Wheat Ridge. This neighborhood is an expansion from NW Denver. And not only do they have great living areas, but they also have new breweries and restaurants. This area is great for bachelors or bachelorettes looking to meet some cool new people.

Arvada is another great area in Denver with beautiful suburbs and great homes. This area does have higher home values but they also have great schools and a great community.

Englewood is another great place to live. This area has small, funky, and affordable homes. And they’re located by the South Broadway and the Denver Tech Center. Lastly, the home value in Denver ranges anywhere from $350,00 to $400,000.

5. Full of Culture and Life

You’ll never get bored in Denver Colorado as there are numerous things to do every day. For starters, there are several museums to check out. For starters, the Denver Art Museum is popular for holding a mix of modern and contemporary art.

And if you have young children, the Denver Nature and Science Museum, is a great place to take the whole family. The Denver Performing Arts Complex is great for those who love opera, Broadway, and ballet.

Or you can go to the Red Rocks Amphitheater to catch a show. There are also some great music festivals in the area. Denver also has some amazing nature trails.

And of course, mountains are not too far away. Overall, the arts and culture scene in Denver is beyond belief.

6. Great Weather All Year Round

Denver is a mile above sea level which means oxygen levels are lower. But don’t worry, you’re body will become acclimated to this change over time.

The weather in Denver, Colorado is amazing. The city has about 300 days of sunshine every year. In the summer, temperatures can reach up to 90 plus degrees. However, the lack of humidity makes the heat more tolerable.

In the winter, temperatures can drop to 40 degrees. So you’ll need to invest in some quality coats.

Lastly, because of the elevation and desert-like climate, the moon and stars are beautiful. And unlike other cities like New York, you can see blue skies on a normal day.

7. The Best Sports Teams

Denver, Colorado is home to many famous sports teams. For example, the Denver Broncos, are a beloved team in this city. Many Denver residents love going to their field to take pictures and tailgate during home games.

The Denver Nuggets are also very loved around the city. They have not won any championships yet. However, because of their dedication and amazing players, they’re on their way to the playoffs.

If you’re a baseball fan, the Colorado Rockies are another great team with a lot of determination. And the restaurant and bar scene is amazing over there. So even if you’re not a baseball fan, we recommended you visit the stadium at least once.

Last but not least, the Colorado Avalanche, has won eight division titles. They play at the Pepsi Center which is a huge stadium with amplifying sounds. So if you like a round and fun cloud, you love to go see them.

8. Amazing Schools

Denver has some impressive universities like the University of Colorado Boulder. The University of Denver and Regis University are also great schools.

And they’re not too far from the city. So if you’re planning to go back to school or you’re about to graduate high school, then Denver Colorado is a top contender for academia.

9. Overall Health and Wellness

The reason Denver is a good place to live is because of the health and wellness opportunities. Many Denver residents become avid bicyclists, hikers, and mountain climbers after moving to Denver.

And it’s no secret that being physically fit also stimulates your brain. Overall, Denver is a great place to become more active and clear your mind.

10. Low Crime Rate

Since the legalization of marijuana, Colorado has seen a drop in drug-related crimes. In fact, violent crimes in Colorado are about 0.73 per every 1000 people.

And Denver specifically, has some very safe neighborhoods. For example, 48th Ave, Holly Hills, and Sheridan Blvd are some of the safest areas to live. But Denver as a whole is also very safe. So you can rest assured that you and your family will be out of harm’s way.

Cons of Living in Denver

Before you start packing, let’s also talk about some of the cons– because every city has them, no matter what.

1. Health Issues and Oxygen Levels

Let’s start with the oxygen levels. As stated earlier, your body should just lower oxygen levels. However, if you have a medical condition such as asthma, it may be harder to live in this area.

And even if you don’t have a medical condition, during the first few months, you might experience fatigue and maybe some dizziness. For the most part, this is normal. However, if you feel these symptoms persist, you should visit your health care provider.

2. Heavier Traffic

Another con of living in Denver is the city traffic. Expected commute times are about 20 to 25 minutes. However, if it’s snowing, these wait times will vary. And speaking of snow, if you are from a state where it never snows, you might have a hard time adjusting to the new climate.

So be sure you get some practice before driving in the snow. And make sure your body can adjust to colder temperatures.

3. Heavy Tourism

Another con of living in Denver is the tourists that come all year round. This is a pro and con because tourists generate a lot of the economy in the city. However, this can get annoying– especially when their morning traffic and you’re just trying to get to work.

4. Flight Cancelations

The Denver airport gets busy during the holidays which causes a lot of delays. And during heavy winter storms, many flights end up getting canceled.

Although this is normal for most airports, we thought it would be important to mention this. Specifically, if you have family in another state and you plan on visiting them during the holidays.

5. You Need To Act Fast

Denver is quickly growing in population, economic growth, and development. And this means more and more people are rushing to move to these areas.

Right now there is a lot of availability with homes and apartments. However, in a few years, the housing market will be more competitive as Denver establishes itself more. So if you think Denver is right for you, act fast or you might miss out.

6. The Move Itself Can Be Stressful

Lastly, if you’re moving to Denver from out of state, then you might experience some mishaps. That’s because some of the terrains in Colorado are mountainous and hard to drive on.

Therefore, petition a moving truck may be a little difficult and scary. This is why it’s best to hire professional movers when relocating to Denver. This way, you never have to worry about any accidents or delays.

Tips for Living in Denver

If Denver is still your top pick, then you’ll need to know about these important tips. For starters, you must wear sunscreen all year round.

We say this because of the elevation, which makes the sun’s rays more harmful. So be sure to wear sunscreen to avoid blisters, rashes, and skin cancer.

Next, you’ll want to make sure you maintain your vehicle throughout the year. Because of the temperature drops, some vehicles tend to have engine programs in Denver. So be sure to use anti-freeze and check your vehicle’s fluids frequently to avoid an engine blowout.

Lastly, you’ll if you do partake in recreation activities, be sure to follow the laws. For example, don’t drive if you’re under the influence. And some of the strands in Denver are very powerful and can leave you drowsy. So be sure to avoid using marijuana before strenuous or methodical activities.

Move to Denver, Co Today

Now that you know everything about Denver, Colorado– from housing markets to the best restaurants, we hope to see you here soon. Remember that this area is quickly growing. So don’t wait too long to make a decision.

And if you have more questions about moving to Denver, then contact us today for a free quote!