Tips for Moving Oversized Items With Ease

May 23, 2019

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If you have large, awkward items like pianos and furniture to move, your best bet is to just hire a professional. You’ll save time and hassle, plus you’ll be doing your leg, back and neck muscles a favor.

Your movers will wrap and secure items, pad the area through which the item will travel, and ensure there are enough people and equipment to lift and move it safely. When moving large items into or out of a home or office, it shouldn’t be any more labor intensive than it needs to be. Here are some tips that make moving big, awkward items easier and safer.

1.  Think the Process Through

Before you move anything, think the process through. Take measurements so you know your fridge will fit through the doorway. Test it out. Are you able to lift the item by yourself comfortably or will you need help? If you have any doubt about your ability to lift and carry an object, it’s best to just get help. Why risk throwing out your back or breaking a bone? On top of that, why risk doing serious damage to the object that you spent so much money on in the first place?

2.  Remove What You Can

Make bulky things a bit easier to move by removing all attached parts. Don’t attempt to move a desk with drawers and contents still inside them. Empty all drawers and shelves of items, then remove the actual drawers and shelves. If this is impossible, tape them shut. Remove furniture legs and protruding handles, knobs and pulls. Label everything you remove so you can put it back where it was. Use painter’s tape for labels.

3.  Protect Your Possessions

Wrap your items in furniture blankets, pads or bubble wrap, making sure the protective covering is tightly secured with tape to avoid slippage. Create a barrier between the object and any surrounding objects to prevent damage, just in case you lose your footing.

4.     Push Instead of Pull

Whenever possible, push instead of pull. When you pull large items, you put extra strain on your back. Pushing is much easier on the body. Before pulling anything, though, place a piece of cardboard or old sheet under the furniture to prevent scratching floors or ripping carpets. You can also use furniture glides, which is what professionals use.

5.  Stock up on Supplies

Invest in the proper safety supplies that will make the job go smoother, such as:

  • Lifting Straps
  • Utility or Furniture Dolly
  • Stair Rollers
  • Glides

If you opt for professional movers, they will show up with all of this equipment and much more to get the job done safely and efficiently.

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