The Garage: A Mover’s Best Friend

November 10, 2019

A garage is a mover’s best friend and can help with a successful move.

Moving is no doubt a stressful time. It can be tough to live in flux, at least for a time, moving from one place to another, packing everything up, and possibly needing to store belongings in between. Not only are you living amongst boxes, you’re facing endless to-do lists and your family is living in chaos. Sure, getting re-established in your new home will take time, but you can take steps to minimize your stress levels along the way.

One way to do that, for example, is to take advantage of your garage space. You may be wondering how a garage factors into a seamless, well-organized, more enjoyable relocation…here are some reasons why your garage is your best friend right now.


Before you start to pack items, take this opportunity to re-evaluate all the stuff you’ve been storing in your garage. Heck, you probably don’t even remember what’s in there! Go through it all and de-clutter. Make “keep,” “sell” and “throw away” piles and add to each one till you’re done. You’ll not only lighten your load, you’ll save money on your move.

Organize into Stations

Next, it’s time to organize. To make the most of all that space, break it down into small areas so it’s easier to manage rather than attempting to organize the whole garage at once. Break the room into specific zones, including an entry/exit area for keys, shoes, and coats; storage shelving for labeled bins and boxes; outdoor items such as sports equipment, bikes, and camping gear; bulky tools such as rakes, brooms, and the lawn mower; and seasonal items.

Think Storage Space

The best thing about one big, empty garage is that it’s basically free storage space – for now. When you consider that self-storage units can cost a hundred or two each month depending on size, it makes sense to use your garage for convenience and cost efficiency. Park your car in the driveway or street, and convert the garage into your very own storage unit. When moving day comes along, all you’ll have to do is open the door and let the movers know what to do.

Contact Moving Proz

If you’re planning to relocate soon and you have a garage that may help throughout the process, heed the above tips above to make the most of all that built-in storage. This way, it’s super easy to have a moving experience that’s not as stressful as you thought. Contact Moving Proz for assistance with your residential move today. Call us for a free quote in Kansas City, Overland Park, Lawrence and all surrounding cities.