8 Articles to Read Before Moving to Kansas City in 2020

May 13, 2020

Moving Proz wants to share all of the articles that you need to read before moving to Kansas City in 2020.

Here at Moving Proz, we have written extensively on the benefits of moving to and living in Kansas City. As the premier residential and commercial movers in the area, we are proud to serve Kansas City as one of our main service areas. We thought it would be helpful if we compiled all the blogs we’ve written recently to result in one big ultimate guide to moving to KC.

From moving here with families to what to do for fun, check out our guide for tips and advice.

1.    6 Reasons Why Moving to Kansas City is Great For Families

Kansas City is known as a family-friendly city great for jobs, schools and neighborhoods – but even more importantly, it’s a city you can actually afford to live in. In fact, it’s one of the most affordable cities in the Midwest! Read on for more reasons to move here with your family, from good jobs to good schools.

2.     Moving to KC with Small Kids? Here’s How to Make it Fun

Well, if you have a family, chances are you have small kids. A move can be stressful on them, but you can make it fun for the whole family, as there are lots of entertainment options for families of all sizes. Check out these tips for a fun long-distance move to Kansas City, which is about as family friendly as you can get thanks to the multitude of open spaces such as parks and play areas, award-winning libraries, and countless activities, events, camps, festivals and summer movie series.

3.     5 Fun Things to Do in Kansas City

Next up: what’s fun to do here? That’s easy. Kansas City is a great place to visit with many family-friendly activities. There is something for everyone throughout this city no matter if you live here or are just visiting. Whether you are looking for a fun day out with your kids or something that appeals to your cultured side, you will find it in Kansas City.

From museums to theme parks, here’s a look at the fun things to do in KC.

4.     3 Things Kansas City is Famous For

So what about fame? KC has a lot to brag about, from its baseball teams to its fountains. Kansas City happens to be the biggest city and second biggest metro area in the Sunflower State. It founded in 1830s and is now the 37th largest city by population in the entire country, home to 470,000. Read on for more things Kansas City is famous for.

5.     5 Tips for Relocating Your Small Business to KC

If you are planning to relocate your business here, you’re in luck. Kansas City, a thriving metropolis for businesses of all kinds, particularly in downtown KC. From creating a timeline and hiring cleaners to notifying vendors and updating your website, here are some tips for bringing your business to KC.

6.     Best Time of Year to Sell a Home and Move in Kansas City

When’s the best time to move here? When should you put your house on the market? All valid questions. If you’re planning on selling your home and making a subsequent move, it’s important to know the optimal times to do this so you can enjoy a seamless process from start to finish. Here’s how to maximize your move. Hint: it’s all about timing.

7.     Choosing the Best Movers in Kansas City When Moving Your Office

Selecting the right movers for your KC relocation is perhaps the most important consideration of all. They know the area, they know the challenges, and they know how to get it all done efficiently. Facing a commercial move is perhaps one of the more stressful things you can go through as a business owner. After all, you have a lot of electronics, files, furniture, cubby walls and equipment to transfer from one place to another. Hiring the right movers for you is priority #1! Here’s why:

8.     Guide to Planning Your Move in Kansas City

Now, to sum it all up and bring everything together, check out our general guide to planning your move to Kansas City. Here, you’ll find information on when to move, how to change your address, and even how to license your pets.

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