Moving to KC with Small Kids? Here’s How to Make it Fun

August 9, 2019

If you have small children, a move of any size can be daunting. But there are ways you can make it fun for the whole family. After all, you’re probably very excited to be moving to Kansas City, which has lots of entertainment options for families of all sizes. Keeping kids busy while preparing for your residential move doesn’t have to be hard.

It takes a lot of preparation, but it can be enjoyable by getting everyone involved, even the little ones. Here are some tips for a fun long-distance move to Kansas City, which is about as family friendly as you can get. It also features affordable housing, plenty of open spaces such as parks and play areas, award-winning libraries, and countless activities, events, camps, festivals and summer movie series for the kiddos.

Create a Fun Organization System

Start this early on in the moving process, as you’re packing. Come up with an organization system for the kids that will make the job fun. Purchase brightly colored stickers and let the kids stick them on color-coded boxes. Red can be for the kitchen, blue for the bathroom or yellow for their bedroom.

Or, let your kids think of symbols that go on each box. Maybe your oldest wants a triangle to signify his room, while your youngest wants a heart for her room boxes.

Make it into a Road Trip

Nothing says fun like a road trip. The key is to spread the move out over a few days, depending on how far you’re coming. Take consistent breaks so no one gets too tired, cranky, annoyed or hungry. Plan out car ride games in advance and have several at the ready in case they get bored. You can also print out fun facts about Kansas City and throw those out there to get them engaged about their new home.

Do Some Sightseeing

There should be plenty of sightseeing opportunities as you drive to the big city. Encourage your older kids to do some research before the move, and tell them they can be your tour guides as you drive by major attractions such as the Capital building or the Rosedale Arch. This will keep them interested and give them a sense of purpose and a role in the family that will make them feel important. Plus, it will give them a connection to the new place they will call home, especially if they are having misgivings about it.

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