Things To Consider When Moving From KC To A Smaller City

November 30, 2021

If you’ve made the decision to leave Kansas City and move to a smaller suburb like Leawood KS, you may be in for a big shock as you transition from big city life to small town charm. Moving away from the hustle and bustle of large cities seems to be the trend these days as more and more people seek the quiet and solitude of smaller communities. moving-proz-city-park-city-view Relocating from KC to a smaller city will kick off a new chapter in your life. It’s not easy to make this kind of a big change, leaving your job, friends, family, coworkers, school mates, and the community. It may also seem like a daunting task to get all your belongings from one house to another. One way to take the stress off your shoulders is to hire professional movers who know the KC and surrounding areas inside and out. A move of this scope forces you to step outside your comfort zone, weigh all the factors, embrace change, check the job market, find transportation options, explore the cost of living, and research the lifestyle. Being prepared is key when taking such a big step. Life in a small town will be vastly different than life in the city, so heed these steps to research your new life before taking the plunge.


Before moving from KC to a smaller city, fully research what the real estate market looks like. Moving from a big city to a small one usually involves lower home prices, but this isn’t always true. You may end up paying more for a big house in the suburbs than you did for a small place in the city. But in general, you’ll probably find lower prices for homes that meet your needs. Hire a real estate agent to help you find the right home or apartment at your price point. If you are close enough to the new city, take some time to view homes, go to open houses and research the neighborhoods. Your real estate agent should be able to set you up with listings to view that meet your parameters.


If you are relocating for work, you don’t have to worry about this. Your employer will work out all the details, including your new salary (make sure it’s commensurate with your talents for that area), new office, and new commute. Stay in touch with your HR department to ensure you have filled out all necessary paperwork and the move-in dates coincide. Many employers will pay for your moving costs if they are the ones prompting you to move. If you are making a clean break from KC and don’t have any job prospects, research the job market thoroughly before making a move. Search online for jobs in your salary range and location. Check job openings, call contacts in your professional network and pull in some favors. Leaving KC without a new job in place isn’t a wise idea.


You may have been used to hopping on the subway or a bus to get where you need to go in the big city. But in a smaller one, the public transportation system won’t be as vast or available. Moving into a residential neighborhood with little to no access to public transportation can be dicey – especially if you don’t have a car because you’ve been a city guy or gal for so long. If your new community has a metro network, look for housing near it so you can avoid long commute times. moving-to-small-town


The cost of living in Kansas City is 82, compared with Leawood at 138 or Raymore at 96, for example. Both are surprisingly higher than the bigger city. This means you’ll have to make sure your salary will stretch as far in the suburbs. Take a long hard look at your current lifestyle and then calculate expenses at the new place. If the cost of living is significantly higher where you’re going than where you are coming from, you could always consider asking your employer for more money. Next up, research the lifestyle. Everything from the culture to the food to the entertainment is different in a small city. Adjust your expectations accordingly. Learn all you can about your new community, explore the neighborhoods, find the hot spots and embrace the culture.


The biggest part of any move, large or small, is hiring a reputable moving company to make the transition for you. Research a few companies in terms of experience, service area, licensure, capabilities, services, and more. Then, get a few quotes to compare. Once you have settled on the best one for your needs, book them as soon as possible. Now you have a baseline in place for which to measure your timeline. If you’ll be moving to a smaller place, ask if the company offers storage services. If you have antiques to move, ask if they specialize in artwork or antique moves. And if packing seems overwhelming to you, ask your movers if they will pack for you so you can concentrate on more important aspects of your move. In the end, the mover you choose can make or break your relocation experience. Make sure it’s a good fit and that they have a lot of experience moving people like you from large cities to small ones. It can make all the difference.


Ready to make the move from the big city of KC to a smaller one? We can help kick start your relocation with a free moving quote. Our movers are well-versed in moves to and from Kansas City and surrounding areas. We offer a variety of services to make sure your relocation goes smoothly, from packing to piano moves. moving-proz-movers-truck