Moving and Packing Tips for Businesses

December 28, 2020

Moving Proz are experts and can help you with moving and packing tips for businesses. Packing up and moving your business from one place to another can certainly be stressful, but you can make it easier on yourself and your staff with these helpful tips.

Start Early

Depending on how many people you have to help you move, as well as on the size of your business, you’ll probably want to begin the moving and packing process as soon as you can. Moving your business will involve a lot more possessions than if you were moving your home, so this process will take more time. Don’t underestimate the time it will take you to move. Save yourself the stress and prioritize organization by starting early, suggests

Invest in the Right Supplies

Moving your business means you have to shuttle your expensive commercial possessions from one location to another. To keep it all organized, you should invest in the proper packing supplies, such as cardboard moving boxes, bubble wrap, moving blankets, pens and markers for labeling, packing tape, and clear zip-locked bags for all the loose ends. woman packing glasses by wrapping in bubble wrap

Donate What You Don’t Need

Moving your business location is a great opportunity to purge. There are probably many things in your office that serve you little to no purpose any longer. Older computers, printers, copiers, phones, office furniture and stray office supplies can all be donated. This will make room for you to upgrade on the things you really need. You can also write those donations off on your taxes.

Label Everything

Organization is key. The ideal way to keep track of all your items as you start packing is to clearly label all boxes. Then, you can quickly and easily locate what you need when setting up at the new location. You may want to consider a label-based numbering system whereby you include a brief description of each box’s contents.

Neatly Pack Computers and Cables

  • Protect each computer with the right packing supplies. Cover your computers with heavy blankets, then wrap them in tape. Don’t stack computers on top of each other or on other items.
  • Wrap the monitors in thick moving blankets, bubble wrap or tape.
  • To “park” your hard drives, lift each hard drive head from the disk platters so no damage occurs.
  • Remove cables from computers to avoid misplacement and damage. Put them in large zip-locked bags and then label each one.

Take Good Care of Office Furniture

The most common office furniture types are seating, storage and work surfaces. Here’s how you can keep those big-ticket items secure during a move.
  • Seating. Office seating is typically oddly shaped. To prevent breakage and to save on space, disassemble your office chairs and wrap the components in bubble wrap or thick blankets.
  • Storage. Pack storage containers such as file cabinets and shelving carefully. Remove shelves and fill the units with light items to save space. Tape all file cabinet drawers shut so they can’t randomly open during transport.
  • Work surfaces. Take out all removable components, i.e., drawers, on work surfaces like desks. Tape shut all non-removable drawers, and pack glass surfaces separately if you can, to avoid breaking.
gray couch in living room with blue pillows and cat on the top

Insure and Invest

It doesn’t matter how well you pack up your business belongings; accidents can still happen. Invest in extra insurance in order to keep your property protected in the event of complications. If you’re renting a truck, get the rental insurance coverage with your plan. If you hire professional movers, select a company with insurance so you can best protect your possessions. Check all your items for warranties, which will also help to protect your investments in the event of an unforeseen accident. It’s smart to hire outside help for your commercial move. Why? Professional movers will help you with the heavy lifting, logistics and shuttling, which can save you hours of time, energy and headache throughout the move. Always do your research before hiring professional movers. Find out their experience, their process, their rates and their plan to get you moved out of one place and moved into the next. Ask about extra insurance and opt for the coverage. You will get peace of mind knowing your expensive office items are covered throughout the transition.

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